What Size Bottle Jack For RV – What You MUST Know!

Bottle jacks are the ultimate solution for vehicle owners in emergencies or just for maintenance purposes. Whether you own a truck or a compact car, bottle jacks help lift heavy loads easily. Besides, if you are a first-time rv owner, you may wonder what size bottle jack for RV you need. To help you understand this best, we have included all the necessary details in this guide.

What Are Bottle Jacks?

Mechanics use bottle jacks to lift vehicles and other heavy loads. They are a type of hydraulic jack, which operates by placing it in a vertical position under the RV. They are widely popular because of their small size, fit, and excellent leverage capacity.

In addition, there are different types of bottle jacks available on the market. These are based on their weight capacity, stability, or how high they can lift. However, not all bottle jacks are ideal for every vehicle. Bottle jacks range from high to low capacity. Consider a few primary factors to determine what bottle jack size for RV is suitable for you.

What Size Bottle Jack for RV?

Just like all vehicles, whether small cars or travel trailers, RVs also vary from one another based on their weights. Generally, RVs weigh up to 10,000 lbs, calculated by the foot length of the motor vehicle. 

Thus, when you are deciding what size bottle jack for RV, it is imperative to examine its weight beforehand. A 1-ton bottle jack can raise to 2000 lbs of weight. In this case, a 10,000 lbs RV will require a bottle jack of around 5 tons or more to lift.

Apart from this, it also depends on what you want the bottle jack to do. If your target is to lift a small part of a wheel of the RV, a 10-ton jack will be enough. However, if you seek to raise the whole RV, you need more than one bottle jack to support the vehicle. Here, one bottle jack will lift massive loads, particularly 10 tons. In comparison, you need a few small jacks for the wheels of your RV. Ideally, the best jack for rv is to have two 10 ton bottle jacks you can use to lift either end of the vehicle.

Although having more than one jack may be pricey, it will prevent dangerous scenarios which might result in life or death.

what size bottle jack for rv

Top Features- What Type of Bottle Jack Should I Consider?

●    Vehicle Weight Capacity

The first factor you should opt for is the weight capacity of your vehicle. This is important because various bottle jacks lift different weights. For this reason, your best jack for class c motorhome will be different than one for a camper tailer. Whether it is a car, SUV, or truck. To verify, it is essential to check with your manufacturer about the vehicle’s official weight. Besides, if you select the wrong weight capacity of the bottle jack, it may cause it to fall. As a result, this can be detrimental for the one working.

●    Lifting Range

Checking on the lifting range of the bottle jack is also essential. The majority of the bottle jacks can lift a car 16″ above ground level. This gives the mechanic a comfortable space underneath the vehicle to work. In addition, you can also consider the physique of the person working under the vehicle to know the exact length you will need.

●    Perfect Balance

It is essential to look for a perfectly stable or balanced bottle jack, especially when you get stuck in the soft ground. For this reason, it is best to ensure that your bottle jack is structured well and contains a broad base that does not merge into the soft earth. Furthermore, get a bottle jack with a textured saddle to prevent the vehicle from slipping.

●    Materials

To make the bottle jack long-lasting, ensure the top-quality jack materials. Bottle jacks made of heat-processed metal or steel are used for challenging uses. Thus, you should avoid bottle jacks that contain easily breakable materials, such as plastic, as they may fall apart at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions For RV Bottle Jacks (FAQs)

1.   Are bottle jacks safe to use?

Using bottle jacks to lift your vehicle is the safest way. However, always confirm that you have jack stands when you work underneath your vehicle because bottle jacks only raise the vehicle. On the other hand, jack stands must let the vehicle up after it gets lifted. Also, never lie under the vehicle that is only held up by a bottle jack.

2.   What is the best bottle jack?

The best bottle jacks are those that are built with top-quality materials. These bottle jacks are more stable and possess a broad base. They also have quality steel and safety mechanisms to prevent injuries.

We like the Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack which has a 10 Ton capacity :

3.   Why are bottle jacks low-priced?

Since bottle jacks work on a simple hydraulic mechanism, they are usually produced in large quantities. This makes them quite an affordable commodity. Nonetheless, keeping in mind, not every bottle jack is inexpensive. Hence, an optimal situation is to ensure your RV requirements and then opt to buy a relevant bottle jack.

4.   Can I rotate tires with two bottle jacks?

Yes, you can rotate tires even if you own two bottle jacks. To turn, put the wheel choker near the rear wheel on the opposite tire you intend to work. Then, raise the vehicle’s front corner and carefully attach it with the stand. Later on, repeat the same procedure for the rear one as well. To ensure, shake the RV for its stability and steadiness.

Final Verdict

Bottle jacks are pretty handy. They are small, portable, lift a significant amount of weight, and give perfect stability to your RV. Moreover, deciding what size bottle jack for RV is most considerable when based on the RV requirements. We expect that this guide will help you decide what size bottle jack you need for your vehicle. However, if you are still confused, it is best to research yourself or seek professional advice