First Time RV Owner Checklist – RV Essentials Checklist PDF

So, you just bought your first RV camper. Congratulations! Now the fun really starts!

When you get your first camper you probably start to wonder, what else do I need to buy? Well, the list is pretty long, but don’t worry, most of the items are fairly cheap.

Below you will find our first time RV owners checklist and our RV essentials checklist PDF. You will also find a list of many items that are nice to have, but not essential right away.

Get out, use your camper several times, and then see if you want to buy them. We also provide a printable RV Essentials Checklist PDF to make things a bit easier.

RV Essentials Checklist:

These are the items that I would consider essential and must haves. These items will make your RV trips easier, more enjoyable and eliminate any last minute runs you have to make into town.

Essential ItemsWhy you need it
Leveling BlocksVery few campsites are going to be perfectly level. Leveling blocks are a quick and easy way to get your camper level and make it more comfortable.
RV HoseStandard garden hoses are not made for drinking water. A RV Hose is certified to be drinking water safe.
Water Pressure RegulatorCity water is usually very high pressure. Hooking this directly up to your camper can damage your plumbing and hoses. A water pressure regulator reduces water pressure to a safe level.
Water FilterYou can never to too sure that the water coming from the campsite is safe. A simple filter will remove bacteria, sediment, odor, chlorine, etc.
Wheel ChocksWheel chocks will keep your camper in place and stop it from rolling with you are at your campsite and also when your RV is park at home.
Electrical CordAn outdoor, heavy duty 30 amp cord is needed to hook up to power at the campsite.
LevelRarely are you going to find a campsite that is perfectly level. Having a level with you makes it easier to get your camper situated level.
Garbage BinThese are great foldable garbage holders that store away easily and take up very little space
Bag ChairsThese chairs are great for sitting out by the fire or just relaxing outside. Again, the key with these are the space savings since that fold and go in a bag.
Camper Mount GrillYou are likely not going to want to cook all your food inside your RV. It can be messy and makes the RV hotter inside. This camper mount grill is perfect.
Socket for Hot Water Heater (if applicable)Needed for water heater, if your camper has one.
Slide Out Lubricant (if applicable)If your RV has a slide out, it is essential to keep it maintained. This lubricant is an easy way to keep your slide out from wearing down, cracking and sealing properly
90 Degree Hose ElbowEliminates unneeded stress on your water intake hose fittings. For around $4 this is a must have
RV Furnace Vent CoverKeeps bugs, birds and critters from entering your furnace vent exhaust.
Hitch LockProtects your RV from tow away theft. A hitch lock prevents anyone from being to able to hook up to your RV.
Heavy Duty Outdoor 30 amp Extension CordRequired for hooking up to power at campsites
Basic tools (screwdriver, hammer, pliers, etc.)For general repairs and fixes

First Time RV Owner Checklist – Nice To Have Items:

These are the items that I would consider “nice to have”. You can make do without them, but if you have the funds, I would recommend them as they will come in handy and make your camping trip much easier.

ItemWhy It’s Nice To Have
Dustbuster or Small VacuumYes, you can just get a broom and dustpan, but I much prefer a small vacuum
Bed Sheets (short queen size)It most cases you are going to need “short queen” sheets as most campers do not have full queen sized beds.
Bed Sheet Holder StrapsIf you have a fold up bed, these will prevent you from having to fix the sheets each time you bring the bed down
Stabilizer Jack Drill SocketYou can set your stabilizer jacks by hand, but I much prefer to do it with a drill
Sewer hose clear elbowA clear sewer hose elbow allows you to see when there is no more waste coming out of your sewer tank when emptying it.
50 amp to 30 amp connectorConverts 50 amp hookup to 30 amp
Propane Tank GaugeAllows you to see how much propane you have left.
Shower Head with PressureAfter taking your first shower in your RV you are going to wish you had one of these

Luxury Items:

These are pricier items that you may not buy before you first trip. However, they will make things much safer for you and your trip.

Item:Why It’s Nice To Have
Andersen LevelersWith these you can drive onto the levelers and stop when you get to level
LevelMate ProWill automatically tell you when you are level. Combine this with the item above and you will be able level your RV as easily as possible
Furrion Backup CameraA backup camera would be a luxury item due to it’s price, but in my opinion I wouldn’t pull a camper without one.
first time rv essentials checklist

Of course you will likely come across several other items that make it onto your RV essentials checklist but this is a good place to get started with you are a first time RV owner.