Best Epoxy for RV Delamination – 6 Best Options

Hey, you got that RV, and it’s going well. You can go on long trips with your friends and family or even by yourself without worrying about hotel reservations. Life is great, and you can keep it that way by paying attention to how the RV is. Proper maintenance can extend your RV’s lifetime by years and save you from massive repair fees.

Delamination appears as bubbles, wood rot, and blisters on the outer surface of the RV. At first, it is simply unsightly, but it can turn into a major repair job if you are not careful. Delamination is a common problem with RVs, but you can easily fix that yourself.

Best Epoxy for RV Delamination – Our Top 6

As long as the damage is small, you need your trusty epoxy, some time, and a lot of patience. Not all epoxy resins are the same, and that is why we have compiled a list of the best epoxy for RV Delamination.    

1.  Naked Fusion: The Artist’s Resin

Naked Fusion developed The Artist’s Resin to be tough and self-leveling. There will be no bubbles or spots missed with this product. The self-leveling capability means that the resin will fill any spaces like cracks that you may otherwise miss.

Naked Fusion manufactures the product with top-quality ingredients. As such, the product is entirely VOC-free. Thus, you can work in a comfortable environment without worrying about unpleasant odors. After curing, the resin is completely inert, rendering it food safe.

The product is user-friendly and comes with a set of precise instructions. If you follow those instructions, you can use the resin regardless of your experience with epoxy. The Artist’s Resin was developed with artists in mind. But, the epoxy can be used for various other tasks, including RV delamination repair. 

The Artist’s Resin provides superior protection against UV light. Furthermore, the hardener and resin follow a 1:1 mixing ratio, making it easier to get the perfect glue. Additionally, you get a forty-five-minute working time, which is a greater window than most other resin. The Artist’s Resin comes with a seventy-two-hour curing period in line with most other epoxy brands.


  • Superior UV-light protection
  • Tough, self-leveling formula
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Forty-five-minute working period
  • VOC-free


  • Seventy-two hour curing period

2.  Promarine Clear Epoxy Resin RV Delamination Kit

A product from Promarine Supplies, the Clear Epoxy Kit comes with epoxy resin and an accompanying hardener. The epoxy has a simple 1:1 ratio that keeps you from any guesswork. Thus, eliminating any chances of messing up the epoxy and losing your money.

The epoxy is tough and water-resistant, making it ideal for RV delamination. You can inject the epoxy into the required places after mixing the resin with the hardener. This method allows for greater precision.

Promarine Supplies manufactures all its products in the USA, and the Epoxy Resin Kit is no different. There are no volatile organic compounds, so no toxic fumes are generated. Not only that, the epoxy becomes completely inert after curing. 

The Clear Epoxy comes in a one-gallon bottle quantity, i.e., half-gallon resin and half-gallon hardener, which should be enough for most repairs. Furthermore, it is compatible with multiple materials, including wood and aluminum. The curing period for the resin is 24 hours, after which you should be good to go. 

If our assurances aren’t enough, the product has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Over sixteen thousand people have used the product, and most of these folks have given the product a five-star rating.


  • Crystal clear epoxy
  • User-friendly
  • VOC-free
  • Clear instructions
  • Fewer bubbles
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces


  • Strict 1:1 ratio
  • Short setting time

3.  Aquaseal Marine Epoxy Resin for RV Delamination

Aquaseal has developed an advanced epoxy resin formula that can take care of any adhesive problems you may have. The epoxy has been designed to go onto the surface smoothly and give you the best results. It is compatible with several materials, including wood, fiberglass, and metal, making it perfect for use on your RV.

The formula is easy to mix and gives you a smooth texture with minimal bubbling. You have to measure both the resin and the hardener in a 1:1 ratio. After that, you mix the two components while stirring for one minute. Then, your resin is ready for use, and you may proceed with the repairs.

After mixing, you have a working window of about twenty minutes, after which the epoxy should begin to harden. Moreover, complete curing can take around ten hours. After ten hours, you will be left with a clear resin that is smudge-proof, anti-glare, and UV resistant. 

Aquaseal has manufactured the Marine Epoxy Resin with non-toxic materials. So, the resin doesn’t contain any VOCs and is odor-free. Thus, you can work comfortably while using epoxy. In addition to that, the epoxy comes with extras like spatulas, measuring cups, and stirrers.


  • Compatible with wood, fiberglass, and metal
  • VOC and odor-free
  • UV-resistant
  • Fast curing – ten hours
  • Extras: 2 spatulas + 2 measuring cups and stirrers


  • Short working time – twenty minutes

4.  TotalBoat Epoxy Resin

The TotalBoat Epoxy Resin is perfect for various repair jobs, including RV delamination repair. The epoxy is compatible with wood, metal, and fiberglass. Moreover, the resin has been manufactured with fillers that render it more robust than other epoxy resins.

There is a hardener included with the resin that you must mix in a 5:1 ratio. This ratio might seem complicated, but it is easy because of the pumps included with the resin. These pumps are for the hardener and resin. That is to say, a single pump of the resin takes up five parts of resin for every part of the hardener. Afterward, all you have to do is mix the product after using the respective pumps.

Additionally, you can choose between fast and slow hardeners. However, the working time is affected in these cases. With a slow hardener, you will get twenty minutes of working time. On the other hand, you only get twelve minutes for a fast hardener.

Furthermore, you can choose kit sizes from the quart and gallon options. The kit comes with the resin and hardener and the respective calibrated pumps. Additionally, these kits include mixing sticks and cups.  


  • Tough formula
  • Calibrated pumps
  • Choice between slow and fast hardener
  • Multiple kit sizes


  • Small working windows

5.  West System 105 RV Epoxy Resin

The West System has been known for its high-quality epoxy products since 1969, and the 105 epoxy resin is no different. Their epoxy formula is compatible with many materials, including wood, concrete, metal, and fiberglass. So, you can use it for your RV delamination repair without any hesitation.

The West System Epoxy has several purposes: bonding, filleting, coating, laminating, clear finishing, pouring, and casting. You should mix the resin and hardener in a five to one ratio for the best results. You measure the components with the metering pumps included in the kit.

With the West System, you have multiple hardener choices. In other words, you can choose from the fast, slow, slow special clear, and extra slow hardener. The working time for these hardeners is twelve, twenty-one and a half, twenty-two, and sixty-two minutes respectively.

There is only one downside to this product: it takes a long time to cure. It can take anywhere between one to four days to cure fully. On the other hand, if you use the extra slow hardener, that time increases to four to nine days.


  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Hard finish
  • Multiple hardener options
  • Metering pumps included


  • Long wait for complete curing

6.  Max GPE General Purpose RV Epoxy

The Max GPE General Purpose Epoxy is a two-part epoxy resin. The epoxy is general-purpose. A wide range of things can be repaired using it, from RV repairs to wood rot repairs. It works as a strong adhesive, sealer, and fiberglassing resin.

The General Purpose Epoxy is compatible with several materials ranging from plastic to luan. It has a mixing ratio of 2:1. Moreover, it comes as a kit containing both the resin and the hardener.

The epoxy has a working time of sixty to ninety minutes. This time is longer than most other brands. Thus, you get ample time to complete any work you might have. Additionally, the product has a cure time ranging from thirty-six to forty-eight hours.

The product has a 4.5-star rating on its Amazon page. Although the rating pool is small, most users have reported a positive experience with the product. Furthermore, the product is made in the USA.


  • Long working time
  • 36-48 hour curing time
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces


  • No extra tools for measuring
best epoxy for RV delamination


In conclusion, we have filtered out the best epoxy brands so that you don’t have to. While buying the epoxy, you need to consider the surface you’ll be using it on. You also need to consider the working and curing time for each brand’s epoxy. Afterward, you can choose the brand that best fits your needs, just like buying the best cordless drills for rv jacks.

According to our findings, Naked Fusion epoxy is the best epoxy for RV delamination repairs. That is because, in addition to being compatible with the wood in your RV, it has a great working time. Still, you should go for the epoxy that will work well with your RV. However, you need to remember that small repairs now can save you from huge expenses later.