Best Water Pressure Regulator for RV

If you travel in your RV regularly, you understand that water hookups located at camping grounds vary widely from place to place. If you face unpredictable water pressure, you could unwittingly cause serious damage to your RVs plumbing fixtures. One of the ways to handle this issue is to invest in one of the best water pressure regulator for RV. That way, you can ensure a safe, reliable flow of water throughout your RV. What do you need to know about water pressure regulators?

What Is an Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator for an RV?

A water pressure regulator is designed to modulate the pressure inside your RV. Some models allow you to adjust the specific water pressure in your RV. Of course, water pressure that is too low can make it uncomfortable if you use the sink, take a shower, or need to plus the toilet. On the other hand, if your water pressure is too high, you could cause damage to your RV.

There are several types of water pressure regulators you might use in your RV. They include: 

  • An In-Line Barrel Water Pressure Regulator: This is the least expensive type of water pressure regulator. Usually, these pressure regulators let you modulate the water pressure in your RV between 40 and 45 PSI. These water pressure regulators are not adjustable.
  • An In-Line Barrel High Flow Regulator: This water pressure regulator is designed to provide water pressure at higher levels. On the other hand, this water pressure regulator is also not adjustable. Even though this water pressure regulator can be expensive, it also provides higher water pressure for your RV. 
  • An Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator: This unique type of water pressure regulator allows you to adjust the pressure of your water flow. Usually, these water pressure regulators come with a pressure display that features a numerical rating of the water pressure inside the intake valve. This is a popular type of water pressure regulator because that allows you to change the water pressure in your RV as needed. 

These are just a few of the many types of water pressure regulators you can purchase for your RV. You need to balance the price of the water pressure regulator with your specific requirements. 

Why Do You Need a Water Pressure Reducer for an RV?

The biggest reason why you need to invest in a water pressure regulator for your RV is that you need to protect your plumbing fixtures. A lot of RV drivers take their water for granted; however, you need to protect your plumbing fixtures. Otherwise, you might face a costly repair bill that might not be covered by insurance. 

A water pressure regulator can help you reduce and control the water pressure throughout your RV. If you keep your RV water pressure in the right range, you can protect your pipes and appliances from harm. Furthermore, you can also prevent dust, debris, settlement, and possible contaminants from entering your water supply. Because you never know what type of water pressure you may be dealing with when you connect your RV to a water source, you have to protect your RV with a water pressure regulator. 

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator?

If you invest in a water pressure regulator for your RV, there are several benefits you will enjoy. These include:

  • You Can Filter Your Water: You may not know what type of contaminants, settlement, or obstructions are present in the water when you connect your RV to a water source. A high-quality RV pressure regulator will include a water filter. That way, you can block rocks, debris, and other dangerous items from entering the water system in your vehicle. 
  • You Can Avoid Plumbing Issues: If the water pressure flowing through your RV is too high, you can damage your appliances. Furthermore, the pipes may burst, leading to serious damage. If you would like to avoid these costly repair bills, you should invest in an RV pressure regulator that can protect your plumbing fixtures and your appliances. 
  • You Can Control Your Water Pressure: Of course, one of the most important benefits of investing in a water pressure regulator for your RV is that you can control high water pressure. The vast majority of RVs can handle pressure between 40 and 60 PSI. In some locations, you may run into water pressures as high as 100 PSI. You will need to reduce this water pressure before you force it through your RV. 

If you want to get the most out of your RV, you have to protect your water supply and plumbing fixtures with a quality RV water PSI regulator. 

Best Water Pressure Regulator for RVs Reviews

A few water pressure regulators you might want to consider for your RV include: 

1. The Renator M11 – 0660 R Water Pressure Regulator Valve

The Renator is one of the most popular RV water pressure regulators available today. It is an affordable model that comes with a wide variety of features that can help you protect your vehicle from harm. It includes a water pressure regulator gauge, is free from lead, and contains plenty of lubrication to protect the internal components from harm. The Renator also comes with a filter that can guard your RV’s water supply and internal plumbing fixtures. 

A few benefits of going with this Renator model include:

  • This pressure regulator comes with a one-year guarantee 
  • It can prevent debris from blocking your plumbing system 
  • The water pressure gauge can measure up to 160 PSI 
  • There is a high-quality customer service team that will quickly assist you if you have any questions or concerns 

One drawback is that the pressure gauge may stop working accurately after it has been used for a few months. If you cannot accurately interpret the pressure coming into your RV, you may unwittingly damage your RV’s water lines. 

2. The Camco 40055 RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator

This is an inexpensive water pressure regulator that can protect your RV plumbing system. It may not display the exact PSI coming from the intake, but it does reduce water pressure to a safe, consistent PSI level for your RV. It contains a low level of lead and features a durable brass design that will keep your drinking water safe. 

A few benefits of this water regulator from Camco include:

  • It is one of the most durable options available today 
  • It will reduce PSI to between 40 and 50 pounds reliably
  • It is one of the easiest water pressure regulators to install

One major drawback is that this RV pressure regulator does not contain a pressure gauge that lets you know exactly what the PSI level is; however, this is an inexpensive, affordable water pressure regulator for your RV.

3. The RV Guard RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

This RV water PSI regulator from RV Guard is made of durable brass. It is free from lead and contains a reliable water pressure gauge. It also includes a screen filter that will keep your water supply safe. It is compatible with all water sources throughout the United States and is relatively easy to install. It is even an adjustable model that allows you to control the pressure and flow of water throughout your vehicle.

A few benefits of this water pressure regulator from RV Guard include:

  • It can accurately interpret water pressure between 14 PSI and 160 PSI 
  • This is an adjustable water pressure gauge that you can customize to meet your specific needs
  • There is a filter that will prevent particles from blocking your water supply 

Even though this RV pressure regulator is a bit more expensive than the other models, it does come with numerous features that control the water pressure in your RV.