Best Trailer Coupler Lock – Best 2 Options

Trailer tow-away theft can be a real problem. No one wants to go out to hook up to their trailer, boat or RV and not have it be there!

The good news is that there is a solution that is very easy and very cheap for protecting your trailer. A simple trailer coupler lock will do the job!

Sometimes referred to as a trailer tongue lock, this simple device essentially “locks” your trailer couple to prevent anyone from being to hook up to it.

There are several varieties of these hitch locks but they all work in a similar fashion. They insert a trailer ball into your couple and then lock it into place. Essentially making it impossible for someone to hook up to your trailer.

How To Lock A Trailer Hitch

There are two options for locking your trailer hitch and you can see them below. I tested both of these trailer hitch locks to see which is the best.

best trailer coupler lock

Option 1: Reese Towpower Coupler Lock

This lock works by placing the yellow trailer ball into the coupler and then locking it in place with the steel lock bar. It is very solidly built and I have no doubts that it would prevent tow-away theft. The only way someone is getting that off your hitch would be with a metal grinder and that would cause quite a ruckus!

However, the problem I ran into with this lock is that even though they state it is a universal lock, it did not fit on the trailer coupler of my travel trailer camper. My hitch has a lip on it that made it too wide for the Reese Towpower tongue lock to fit.

As you can see above, the steel lock bar was not wide enough to fit over the lip and therefore was useless for me. If you plan to use this type of hitch lock I would recommend measuring your hitch to make sure it is not over 4 inches wide.

As long as it will fit, I would recommend this option.

Option 2. Master Lock Trailer Hitch Lock

The Master Lock version works a bit differently. Instead of locking over the top of the coupler, it slides onto the front of the coupler.

This version did work for my trailer tongue as the Master Lock is wider so it will fit more varieties of hitches.

The Master Lock is very solid and also would take quite an effort for someone to disable and certainly could not be done quietly! Since this version slides onto the front of your coupler hitch, it will fit a much larger variety of sizes.

I also like the bright red color as it is easy to see and anyone passing by won’t be able to miss the fact that you have a lock on your hitch.

Which is the Best Trailer Coupler Lock?

My choice for the best trailer coupler lock would have to be the Mater Lock. It will fit on almost any trailer, it is easy to use and install and is solidly constructed.