Concrete Mites vs Clover Mites: Everything You Need To Know

What is the difference between concrete mites vs clover mites? They are in fact very similar and while they do not pose any health threats to humans, concrete mites leave nasty stains on walls and furniture.

About Concrete Mites

Concrete mites, also known as sidewalk mites, are bright-red mites frequently found in Alabama. They are a group of species in the Erythraeidae mite family that belongs to the genus Balaustium. You can find them moving around in significant numbers in concrete sidewalks, patios, masonry foundations, etc.

These mites are part of a wide group of free-living mites that feed on insect eggs and other small soil insects. They breed outside in damp, organic, vegetative habitats like those you can find on construction foundations. These mites cannot reproduce indoors and don’t bite pets or humans. 

About Clover Mites

Concrete Mites vs Clover Mites

These tiny reddish-brown organisms with lengthy front legs seem like dark specs to the human eye. Also, they are undesirable visitors due to their sheer numbers and the red-brown stains they leave when they are crushed.

Clover mites, however, do not feed on blood and will not harm humans or animals. They also do not infest household items, and they also perish quickly once inside a house or building.

These mites are plant-eating mites, particularly plentiful in glossy, moist-full of well-fertilized lawns. You can observe them crawling along the window sills or thresholds. Here is a guide on how to get rid of clover mites that may be helpful.

Similarities between Concrete Mites vs Clover Mites

●    Color

Concrete mites and clover mites are both red. It’s hard to distinguish among them with a naked eye. You’ll also get red stains if they’re crushed. We advise getting rid of them using sprays or aerosols.

●    Health Concern

Both of these mites cannot harm the health of humans or animals. Their food habits also do not relate to humans, and there is no immediate threat. However, clover mites in large numbers can damage lawn grass and plants.

●    Living Style

You will never find these mites alone. Both concrete mites and clover mites move and live in groups of hundreds. Also, they have a short life span of several weeks to a couple of months.

Difference Between Concrete Mites vs Clover Mites

●    Food Source

Concrete mites mainly feed on small arthropods and small insects. You can generally find them lurking in the soil in search of food. In contrast, clover mites feed on plants. They search for food in lawns and grass as do lawn mites.

●    Body Shape

Concrete mites have a long body shape in comparison to other mites. On the other hand, clover mites are oval. You can easily distinguish between them through body structure when seen through a magnifying glass.

●    Season

You can see concrete mites in the summer seasons. Also, they appear in large numbers in sunny locations. On the other hand, clover mites breed and are active in the spring and fall. They are be found in areas such as tree bark.


While these mites are very similar, they do have some noted differences. The best thing to remember is that do not pose any health threat but being able to distinguish between concrete mites vs clover mites is helpful.