What Does the Number on a Camper Beside the Door Mean?

One of the most common questions I get is: What Does the Number on a Camper Beside the Door Mean? Let’s go over it.

Investing in a camper is one convenient way to connect to nature. Over time, manufacturers have made different types of campers to create room for choosing. Before now, there were only a handful of choices to make, and users were restricted in the available size, floorplans, and other rooms in the campers. Tip: If you are new to rv camping then make sure to check out our First Time RV Owner Checklist.

Now, the story is different, and you can find all types of campers. You can get a brochure from different brands that show the available styles and what you will get with each one. However, another way to know what comes with each camper is by looking at the numbers.

A camper may have some numbers written beside the door. The numbers tend to have letters, and they are a deliberate adaptation. Every camper manufacturer does not follow the same rule of using numbers and letters to explain the type of camper they are selling, but most do. So what does the number on a camper beside the door mean? Let us break down what they may mean for each camper.

What Does The Number On A Camper Door Mean?

The number beside the door on a camper usually represents the model number. If there is a line of campers from a particular series or type, there may be other numbers to represent the serial number for that specific camper. That number will differentiate it from other types within one series.

Furthermore, the number may have alphabets, as you will find in most cases. An example is Forest River RV Surveyor 33KRETS. The brand name is Forest River, and RV Surveyor is a particular series. The following number is the model number, which includes two numbers and four letters.

It is a careful selection of letters. They are not random but represent a specific design you will find inside the camper. K in the model number represents kitchen, RE represents rear entertainment, and TS means the camper has a triple slide. Therefore, you know the type of camper you are getting and its versatility with the number.

Besides, the location of the model number differs from one camper to another, so you may not find yours by the door. However, the meaning remains the same wherever you see the model number on your mobile home.

What Does the Number on a Camper Beside the Door Mean

Camper Model Number Codes and Meanings

The following are the meanings of the letters or codes you find as part of the model number:

BH – BH in a camper number indicates that it comes with a bunkhouse. If you have children with you on the camper, it is an ideal sleeping space without getting cramped.

RL – Finding RL as part of a camper number informs you that the camper has a rear living room or lounge. In other words, the living room is at the camper’s back, not the front.

RE: RE stands for the rear entertainment, and it may mean the same as having the lounge at the back of the camper. Each manufacturer will represent the living areas with different codes.

FL: It means a front living room or lounge. The camper’s living room is at the front instead of the back area.

RK – This code means that the camper has a rear kitchen. In other words, the code informs you of this particular design to make an informed choice, and this type of kitchen is usually towable.

FK – It means the camper has a front kitchen. You tow such a kitchen if you are on the move. Depending on your taste, a front kitchen may not be what you like. Therefore, you can decide if it is something you can work with before even entering the camper.

OK – A camper with a number that includes OK means it has an outside kitchen. You will have to step outside the mobile home to access the kitchen, but the upside is that it usually comes with grills, burners, and some storage space.

DS – It indicates that the camper has a dinette slide. This increases or reduces the available living space, depending on whether or not it is in use.

SS – SS stands for super slide, and it means a slide that extends the camper’s living area length. It can be pretty long, depending on the size of the camper.

S – It means the camper has just one slide.

WS – WS indicates the camper comes with a slide, usually one slide-out.

Xlite, XLT, or SLX – When a camper’s model number includes any of these codes, it means the camper is lightweight. You know it is easy to move or transport, and there may be other types within the same series that are heavyweight.

FB – As part of a camper’s model number, FB means it has a front bath.

RB – The camper has a bathroom at the back if you see RB on it. Front bathrooms and rear bathrooms have pros and cons, but the codes will help you choose which best suits your needs.

KB – It may not be the only letters you se as part of the model number, but KB stands for a king bed, letting you know the size of the bed in the camper.

QB – As opposed to KB, QB means the camper has a queen bed, which is a little bit smaller than the king bed.

MB – MB as part of the model number of a camper means Murphy bed.

TB – It may mean triple bunks or twin bunks or beds.

RD – It represents the rear den, which some manufacturers may use in place of RL. It means the den is at the back of the camper.

There are a few other codes you will find on a camper’s number. Find out the specifications of the camper you want from the dealer or manufacturer to determine whether or not it meets your specific needs.


What does the number on a camper beside the door mean? It usually means the model number. Knowing the location of your camper number saves time on searching for it. Also, knowing what the number represents may save you some energy you would have spent moving from one camper to another. Ask the dealer for additional information on the campers on display.