How to Get Rid of Acorn Sprouts in My Yard – 3 Easy Solutions

Having a beautiful yard is the ultimate goal. We cherish everything that grows on it, and we feel proud to see our plants thrive. Having trees in our yards provides shelter from the sun and a home for many animals, such as birds or squirrels. But the common question of how to get rid of acorn sprouts in my yard will often come up.

Oak trees are beautiful, but sometimes they can destroy your yard. Having your yard be ruined when you’ve put so much time and effort into making it look good can be frustrating. Acorn sprouts are the number one yard destroyer, as they can cause several issues.

In this article, we will deep dive into how to prevent acorns from ruining your lawn. Moreover, we will go into detail on how to get rid of acorn sprouts that might already be present.

Why You Should Get Rid of Acorn Sprouts

An acorn is a nut commonly found on oak trees. When left on the ground, acorns will become soft, and eventually, the seeds will germinate. The germinated seeds will then grow into sprouts. As a result, undesired plants will begin to grow in your yard.

In addition, acorns can also be harmful to your grass. If left on the ground for a long time, the acorns will block the sunlight. As grass needs this light to survive, it will perish quickly without it.

How to Get Rid of Acorn Sprouts in My Yard
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How to Prevent Acorn Sprouts

Preventing the growth of acorn sprouts will make your job a lot easier in the long run. If you can prevent the sprouts from forming, to begin with, you won’t have to deal with their consequences.

Manually Remove the Acorns

While performing this task might be tedious, it is the cheapest way to get rid of acorns. Picking them up manually or with a rake will prevent the acorns from sprouting. There’s no need to buy tools or risk using chemicals. Gather the acorns into a bag or bucket and dispose of them.

Use a Leaf Vacuum

If you want to go the machinery route, you can use a leaf vacuum to pick up the acorns. Depending on where you live, you may be able to buy or rent one. They are made to pick up leaves, but some of them have enough power to suck up acorns and other debris from the ground. Leaf vacuums have an attached bag that stores contents removed from the ground, which you can discard later. Before choosing this option, ensure that your machine is able to pick up rocks and acorns without taking damage — especially if you’re renting.

Nut Gatherer

As far as manual devices go, you could use a weasel or nut gatherer. A nut gatherer is a tool you can use to pick up acorns, rocks, golf balls, or any other similar debris. A nut gatherer is a small cage that rolls along the ground, attached to a handle. The acorns will get in between the wires of the cage, after which they are trapped inside. When you’re done, you can discard them.

How to Get Rid of Acorn Sprouts In My Yard?

If you get any sprouts from acorns that you couldn’t pick up, here’s how to get rid of them:

Use a Herbicide

Applying a herbicide where the acorns are sprouting will kill them. It is a simple process to getting rid of maple seedlings in your yard. Follow the instructions for the herbicide you buy, considering that you should find one that won’t kill your grass. Note that you may have to re-apply the herbicide a few times before getting rid of these pesky spouts completely. Be careful not to apply the herbicide to any of your garden plants.

A broad leaf herbicide will do the trick. Here is one we like:

Mow the Lawn Consistently

The key to this method is consistency. Mowing the lawn will help kill the acorn sprouts little by little. By being consistent with your mowing, the acorn sprouts don’t get the chance to keep growing. Sprouts need to remain untouched to develop correctly, and regularly cutting them will eventually kill them. Before mowing, rake your yard to remove any acorns. Depending on the type of mower you own, acorns could damage your machine.

Can I Leave Acorns On My Lawn?

You certainly can leave acorn sprouts on your lawn, but there is a likelihood that you will be dealing with a major acorn sprout issue. The best option is to remove them so you don’t have to deal with a sprout problem later.

How To Dispose of Acorns

Disposing of acorns is an important topic to cover. Many people have the urge to put them in their compost pile or bin. However, compost will not get hot enough to kill the acorns so there is a good chance they will remain in your compost and start to sprout once you spread you compost in your garden or lawn.

The best option is simply to dispose of them in a spot where sprouting will not be an issue. This could be a wooded area by yard, at your local compost station or, worst case scenario, simply place them in the trash.


The best way to get rid of acorn sprouts in your yard is to pick them up as soon as possible. There are many options for you, depending on how much manual work you want to do. From machines to good old manual labor, you can find a method that fits your routine and won’t damage other parts of your yard.

If you cannot pick them up or miss some, don’t fret. Herbicides work amazingly if you’re trying to get rid of acorn sprouts. However, they might not be the best option if you have other plants or animals in your yard. Therefore, mowing your lawn is your best option.