Best Small Pack N Play for Camper – 5 Best Options

Having a baby is a fascinating time for you and your family. It can also be quite stressful trying to get all the baby gear you will need and keep track of all the accessories that come with every item.

A parent’s biggest concern is making sure their baby remains safe. That’s why a quality baby gear item such as a pack n play is the ideal choice for a parent looking to entertain, nap, and play with their little one at home or on the go. There are many choices for pack n plays, many of which come in different models and price ranges.

Our guide will walk you through what to look for in the best small pack n play for camper. You will also find our top picks based on consumer reviews and ratings.

The 5 Best Small Pack N Play for Camper

  1. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome
  2. Graco Travel Lite Crib
  3. Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard
  4. Sunba Youth Baby Tent, Portable Baby Travel Bed
  5. Cosco Funsport Play Yard

1. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome Mini Travel Pack n Play

It is one of the comfiest mini-pack n play in the market that makes a perfect gift. The baby dome has a unique round shape and is lightweight, with just 13 lbs. The dome comes equipped with strong carry handles that make carrying it easy. It does not come with a storage bag, but it is portable for parents who love to travel.

The mesh fabric used on the dome is breathable, skin-friendly, and soft. Not only that, but it also has a two-sided UPF20 sun protection canopy. Therefore, the crib is perfect for saving your infant from harmful sun rays and insects. Also, the hanging toys on the canopy make it suitable for developing a baby’s motor skills.

With a built-in mattress pad, your baby can sleep on a firm surface for a quick nap. All in all, you will need not more than 2 seconds to assemble the dome. In addition, folding the playard is convenient, and it will not take up a lot of space in your camper.


  • Protect your kid from sun and bugs with canopy protection
  • Lightweight
  • Real quick and easy assembly
  • Colorful toys hanging to encourage eye-tracking
  • Convenient handles for easy carrying
  • Soft padding


  •  Do not come with a carry bag

2. Graco Travel Lite Crib For Camper

The fact that this playard is twenty percent smaller than a regular one makes it a solid choice for your mini pack n play purchase. Its compact design can save you some room if you are tight in space. In addition, the total weight of this crib is less than 20 lbs. Thus, it is ideal for camping and traveling. While you are on the go, you can compactly fold the crib and pack it in the travel bag.

Another feature unique to this lightweight crib is its adjustable height. So, when your baby is growing, the crib can also increase in size. This makes it super useful for your newborn, infant, and even toddler. It is equipped with soft mesh sides that provide ventilation. Moreover, you can fastly move playard with its wheels.


  • Suitable for a long time use as it grows with your baby
  • Spacious playard
  • More mobility with wheels
  • Canopy shade is removable
  • The attached toys make it attractive to baby


  •  Do not have much space for toddlers

3. Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard For Camper

Although the crib is not super light with a 20 lbs weight, it takes less room for storing in a camper in a folded shape. What makes it remarkably portable is that you can transport it by placing the crib in the carry bag. The playard has integrated wheels on one side, but you will need to move the crib cautiously on the tent floor not to tear the fabric.

As far as the safety of this crib is concerned, even if your baby puts his weight on a single wall, it will not tip over at all. Therefore, it is an excellent travel crib for an active toddler. Moreover, the pad used on the crib is a bit hard and thin, but it provides elevation from the floor.


  • Wheels offer effortless transport and mobility
  • It has a storage pocket
  • Full-size bassinet
  • Eye-catching toy bar for baby’s attention
  • Inner padding for a comfortable feel


  •  Setup is not as fast as other travel cribs

4. Sunba Youth Baby Tent, Travel Pack ‘N Play For Camper

This portable baby tent is manufactured with a skin-friendly material that is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. With a special silver coating on this fabric, the Sunba baby tent becomes a savior for your baby from harmful UV rays. The sun protection it provides is rated as UPF 50+, so when you are camping with your family, you can rest assured that its anti-UV effect saves your infant.

Sunba baby tent doesn’t require much assembly as it pops up within three seconds with quick folding. The frame of this crib is made from elastic metal material that is specialized to bear your toddler’s weight without bending at all.


  • Crib features a silver-coated fabric that provides UV protection
  • Quipped with mosquito net to keep your baby safe from bugs
  • Fitted ventilated design all around for restful breathing
  • You do not need to assemble the crib
  • Perfect size for traveling


  •  Ordinary zipper that may not slide effortlessly

5. Cosco Funsport Small Play Yard For Camper

If you are searching for a mini playard for camping without a nursery for your baby, then Cosco Funsport Play yard should be your definite pick. The setup and folding of this small pack n play are easy to do with your eyes closed. You just need to take it out from the bag, pull it from the sides, and prepare the play pack.

The features like lightweight structure, compact design, and travel-friendliness of this crib make it perfect for busy parents. Cosco Playard is delivered to you with a safe and washable bag, and it has wheels to move around. Cleaning the playard is a piece of cake as it has a standard mattress surrounded by mesh fabric for good ventilation. Not only that, you can buy this playard in more than one color.


  • Easy to set up the travel crib
  • Suitable for all parents
  • Move it quickly with wheels
  • Compact in structure
  • Perfect for your puppy too


  • Some parents do not find it to be quickly foldable
  • The mattress is not waterproof

Factors to Look For in a Small Pack N Play for Camper

small pack n play for camper

Before you buy a pack n play for your baby, no matter how big or small, there are some points that every parent should check.


The portability of the playard is an essential factor. A portable pack n play for the camper will be helpful in easy transport. That is why you will have to ensure that it is lightweight to carry and store easily. Not only that, if a player model comes with wheels, you can, for sure, move it in your tent with more ease and swiftness.


When shopping for your baby’s gear, safety is a feature that you should never neglect. To ensure that the playard is entirely safe for your baby, you must check if the product is free from flame retardant. The chemicals can be toxic for your baby’s gentle skin, and thus, non-toxic playards will not harm your baby’s health.

You would not want to get your baby mosquito-bitten while you camp. Therefore, a canopy is a must-have item in a pack and play for camping. In addition to mosquito protection, a shelter will also save your toddler from UV rays. Other than that, soft mesh support and a comfortable mattress pad will guarantee an enjoyable sleep. Also, the compactness of a playard should not keep you from buying a pack n play that is sturdy and stable on the ground to save kids from falling.


If the model of pack and play that you are buying has a padded mattress, you must check for its fabric and mattress quality. The surrounding soft mesh and the mattress should be comfortable enough to get your baby in a deep sleep as soon as he lies down.

Sadly, you will find that most travel cribs do not have a thick mattress. For this reason, many babies do not see them pleasurable and refuse to stay there for long. Thus, a playard should be as comfortable as your bed for the sake of your baby’s cozy night sleep.

Size and Dimensions

When you plan to go camping, many accessories like cookware, food, clothes, tents, etc., are on your list. Just like the regular camping gear, your baby also needs their crib during the trip. It is bothersome to carry a large playard, so you will need a product of suitable size and dimensions. The playard must be pretty small so that you can fold them in a compact structure to be placed in your car using lesser space.

Easy Assembly

Not all portable cribs come with an easy setup and thus leaving few moms wondering how to assemble them quickly. Although manufacturers try their best to make the travel cribs suitable for a quick setup, this varies from model to model. Moreover, if you practice the assembly and disassembly of the pack n play, you can be fast at the job to do on the go. You can learn the easiest ways to assemble the portable playard by watching video tutorials.

FAQs for Small Pack N Play for RV

small pack n play for rv

1.   Are portable playards safe for babies?

If the portable playard is of high quality, then you can rest assured that your baby will have a sound sleep and comfortable and safe playtime. Manufacturers alter the design of a typical pack n play to make a small playard. This ensures its lightweight and compact body. For this reason, you will find tons of pack and play with flimsy playpens. You will have to steer clear of such playards. Therefore, do not forget to check for the sturdiness and durable locking mechanism of the pack n play for the camper you wish to buy.

2.   Can a baby have a comfortable sleep in a small pack n play?

It is all dependent on the model design of the pack n play whether or not you can use it as a bed for your baby. A few models are available on the market that you can use as mini nursery centers for traveling and at home. Not only do they come with a comfy mattress, but you can also fit them with another mattress for more significant support.

Not every playard possesses such features, and thus they are only appropriate for a short nap and play. The lack of enough support and padding at the bottom of the playard will cause it to lay flush to the floor where you place the pack n play. Thus, it is not always possible to place a crib mattress in all playards, but some models have this feature.

3.   Is a portable playard perfect for traveling?

As its name shows, the portability of a portable playard enables you to use it for traveling regardless of the type of trip. A mini pack and play will be checked with your luggage when traveling by air. However, you will have to consider the weight limits that are allowed on your tickets as portable playards come with a carry bag so you can conveniently transport them from one place to another. In addition, their lightweight feature makes playards better than rigid playpens.

4. Can you fit a pack and play in an RV?

Yes, if you still to the smaller versions, like the ones we detailed above, you will have no problem fitting it into your RV or camper. The key is to purchase one that is able to fold up. Obviously, taking a full crib would be a poor option.


Mini pack n plays are great for small spaces and can be folded up pretty quickly, making them easy to move when needed. You should look for certain things to get the best small pack n play for camper. Invest in items that come complete with storage baskets to keep all your baby supplies organized. In addition, always read reviews from other parents before making your final decision. Not only will you discover new tips and tricks from others that have used these products, but you can also share some of your ideas and personal experience with others too!

And when you baby starts to get a little older, make sure to look into the best narrow twin RV mattress for more space savings