The 6 Best Small Spice Rack for RVs

Managing different spice jars on an RV can be difficult because you have limited space to store them. To be more organized and keep your kitchen clean, you have to invest in compact spice racks. These racks help keep the spice jars in one place without making the kitchen messy.

One should always lead a well-managed life even if they are on a trip. Thus, small spice racks are a must-have for an RV’s kitchen. This article will provide you with the six best small spice racks for an RV that you can buy and make your trip easy. If you want more space saving tips, check out our best small pack n play for campers.

Best Small Spice Rack for RV – Our Top 6

After thorough market research, we have developed the six best small spice racks for RV. We spent a lot of time shortlisting these spice racks for you, so you should not doubt any of these racks. All of these racks take minimum space in the kitchen, which is why they come in handy when you are traveling in RV.

1. SimpleHouseware 30 Spice Gripper – Top Spice Rack For RVs

First up, we have the Simple Houseware 30 spice gripper. It is an excellent tool for small spaces like an RV’s kitchen because it can hold 30 spice jars. It comes with six adhesive strips with five clips each. The adhesive quality of these strips is impeccable, so you do not have to worry about them falling apart. To make it extra safe, the company provides extra screws.

You can simply stick these strips inside a cabinet door and save a lot of space. All the spice jars get aligned in front of your eyes, and you will never miss out on any ingredient during your recreational trip. If not inside a cupboard door, you can also put these spice grippers on the wall. The material of these grippers is a sturdy plastic that contains the capacity of holding spice jars.

This type of spice rack is super easy to install on your own. The racks are strong and hold their position well. You can choose between white and black color according to your preference. All-in-all it is the best option that you have got for your RV kitchen to reduce the clutter of spice jars.


  • Saves a lot of space
  • Easy to install
  • Strong grip
  • Affordable price
  • Can hold a lot of spice jars


  • Not suitable for every brand’s spice jar

2. Spectrum Diversified 3-Tier Rack – Best Under Cabinet RV Spice Rack

The three-tier spice rack by Spectrum Diversified is an excellent choice for limited space in your RV’s kitchen. The minimal design of this rack instantly grabs attention and helps you save a lot of space. It is a wire spice rack that can hold several spice jars efficiently, leaving your kitchen nice and tidy. The spice rack can fit in a small cabinet or pantry, wherever you feel it is a perfect fit. Additionally, it can also you can mount it on the wall.

The three-tier rack is multipurpose; you can use it as a spice rack in the kitchen or as an organizer in the washroom. It is up to your creativity how you choose to use it. However, it works best as a spice organizer. The material of the rack is steel which is quite sturdy. Also, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Since all your spice jars are organized, you can quickly choose the ingredients when you want to whip up something. It improves the kitchen’s overall look by keeping several jars in one place. The kitchen looks neat, and you have more counter space.


  • Strong stainless steel material
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds several spice jars
  • Simple and stylish design


  • Cannot fit tall spice jars

3. Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips for Plastic Jars – Best RV Spice Storage

The Bellemain spice gripper is another innovative design for storing spice jars while saving space in your RV. It comes in a set of three clip strips containing the capacity to hold 12 spice jars. Further, these clips make the organization of spice jars easier.

They have a strong adhesive tape on the backside that you can paste inside a cabinet or wall. The gripper works best with plastic spice jars because they are light in weight. Plus, you can quickly fix spice jars of variable width in these clips.

These grippers are highly efficient for saving space in an RV because you can easily paste these strips anywhere on the wall. Moreover, all the spices will be in front of your eyes, and you can grab them quickly whenever you want.

On the trip, your primary concern is to keep your RV as mess-free as possible, and this style of spice organizer truly serves the purpose. It is an excellent option, especially for RV, where you have limited space and do not want spice jars cluttering your kitchen.


  • Strong adhesive
  • Different sized spice jars fit easily
  • Affordable
  • Saves space


  • Only work with plastic spice jars

4. SimpleHouseware Wall Mounted RV Spice Rack

The Simple Houseware wall-mounted spice rack is not only an organizer for spice jars. In fact, it can hold all your cans, cups, jars, etc. It is a multipurpose rack that helps display your spices in perfect order. You will see all of the spices in one place during your trip, and they will take less space too.

The rack is made of sturdy steel that you can mount on your RV’s wall. It does not come with the hooks, so you might have to order them separately. However, they are super easy to install, and you do not need special tools or professional help. Even though the material of these racks is steel, they are still extremely lightweight.


  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to install
  • Great spice organizer
  • Multipurpose rack


  • Sharp edges can cause injury

5. Farmhouse Style Hanging Spice Racks For RV

These four-tier hanging spice racks are also an excellent option for an RV kitchen where you have limited space. These racks will store all your spices firmly in one place and keep your kitchen clean. You can store up to 32 spice jars or other jars in these racks, and they are easy to install on the wall. The material is iron with rustic black paint on the racks, giving the kitchen a stylish look.

These racks are super lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold so many jars. These racks are just perfect for taking along on their trip for a spice hoarder. Moreover, they can take all their favorite spices without worrying about space. The racks give an old-school vibe to the kitchen that genuinely uplifts the cooking mood. All-in-all it is a perfect choice if you want to make your RV life easier during your cooking sessions.


  • Strong material
  • Lightweight
  • Stores a large number of jars
  • Great for kitchen aesthetics


  • Screws provided with the racks are bad quality

6. OROPY Spice Rack – Best Camper Spice Rack Idea

Lastly, we have an Oropy spice rack which is no less than others. It is another productive design that increases your cooking efficiency and saves time. You do not have to find the spices because they are displayed right before your eyes. This sturdy and durable spice rack can be mounted on the wall using screws. The strong wood can hold several spice jars. Additionally, you can use this as a multipurpose stand to put anything you like.

The stylish look of the rack gives an aesthetic vibe to the kitchen and improves the overall look. It is easy to install because you get all the accessories and instructions with the package. All you have to do is follow the instructions. You can mount this rack on the wall or put it on the countertop according to your choice.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Decent and stylish
  • Perfect for small kitchens


  • The screws provided are bad quality

Small Spice Rack For RV Buying Guide

best small spice rack for rv

While purchasing spice racks for RV, deciding on one product can be pretty confusing. You must consider the size, material, how many jars it can hold, and more. Here is a general guideline to keep in mind while buying spice racks.

●    Size

The most important thing to notice is the size of the racks. There are various spice racks on the market that are too big that it becomes nearly impossible to fit them in the RV. Such racks take a lot of space in your wall or cabinet, which is why a compact-sized spice rack should be your priority. Before choosing a rack, you should measure the space where you plan to attach it. This way, you will have an idea of the size you need.

●    Material

The material of spice racks should be sturdy and long-lasting. Since you will put lots of spice jars inside the rack, it should be strong enough to hold them, and a weak rack could easily fall apart due to the weight of spice jars. Choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain. Spice racks come in wood, stainless steel, or thick plastic; choose the material wisely.

●    Easy to Install

Installing some spice racks can be a huge task because of their complex structure. Some racks come with adhesive strips or hooks, while others require screws or nails. You can reinforce it with more adhesive if necessary. However, it would help if you searched for such options that are super easy to install and put together. It will save your time and energy while you prepare for your trip.

●    Price Range

Since you are buying the spice racks for your RV, spending a hefty sum on them would be unreasonable. You will not be using these spice racks every day; they are only for trips. So, it would help if you looked out for affordable and sturdy racks that can hold all your jars.

●    Type

Nowadays, spice racks are available in different types. There are spice jar grippers, trays, or tiered racks or stands. You have to choose according to your liking and available space. Go for smaller, practical, and lightweight designs.

Small Spice Rack For RV Frequently Asked Questions

spice rack for camper

1. How important is it to get a compact spice rack for RV?

In an RV, you have limited space for sleeping and cooking. You do not have a full kitchen to store your ingredients; hence, you must save space using different organizers. If you buy spice racks or organizers of compact size, you will have more counter space, and it is easier to reach for ingredients when you cook.

2. What should be the capacity of spice racks for RV?

You will probably take the most critical and valuable spices during your trip. Hence, you will not need big spice racks with up to 50 spice jars capacity. A small spice rack with a capacity of around 12 to 15 spice jars is enough.

3. What are the benefits of getting small spice racks for RV?

You will save a lot of space in your RV’s kitchen, which gives a clean vibe to it. Your kitchen will be more organized and the clutter reduced. While cooking, you will find your desired spices within seconds.

4. How do you hang spice racks in a camper?

Most hanging spice racks come with screws or hooks that you need to put on the wall. Sometimes these screws or hooks are not up to the standards, so you have to buy separate ones with better quality. If you are sure that the screws provided with the rack are strong, you can use them. You can further add support to the rack by applying an adhesive before screwing it to your cabinet or wall.


We suggest you consider our recommendations because they are the best camper spice rack ideas to help you save space. Buying one of these spice racks will make your RV life easier and more organized as you travel and is a great RV hack for storage. Nonetheless, you can also use our buying guide to search for the best small spice rack for campers for yourself.

In choosing the best small spice rack for your RV, you should consider several things. First, look at the size of your kitchen and what type of rack goes well with it. Then, you have to consider the rack’s placement. Will you place it on the wall? Or do you want a under cabinet spice rack? There are racks that you can place above the counter, while others require screws and adhesives so you can put them on the wall. However, choosing a small rack that will fit the space and all your spices is a need for every RV’s kitchen and is much easier than a DIY RV spice rack.