Best Outdoor RV Speakers – 5 Must Have Speakers

If you are planning to take a journey across the country in an RV, then there are a lot of details that you need to figure out. RV camping trips are terrific, relaxing, and beneficial to your mental health. However, before you embark on it, you must ensure that you have the equipment that provides for your necessities and amusement.

Furthermore, taking the best outdoor RV speakers for traveling enhances the entire camping experience. You can instantly turn on the speakers, light a bonfire, and have the time of your life. Nevertheless, you should make sure that these speakers work efficiently and do not cause any inconveniences for you during the journey.

Top Outdoor RV Speakers

Following are some of the best RV speakers.

1. Sony SRS XP-500 – Our Top Choice

Sony SRS XP-500 is a portable wireless speaker that you can carry around in your RV. It is one of the latest products from Sony, and they have utilized the best available technology for creating it. It offers you several options, such as solid beats for karaoke and high bass sounds. Moreover, there are party booster features available that you can turn on by navigating through the settings. Therefore, you will never have to bear low-quality sounds and muffled beats during a party.

Furthermore, you have the option to connect the USB or Bluetooth, which is the most feasible option in case you are continuously traveling through places. The speakers have a long battery life with instant charging options. The feature also prevents you from drawing out excessive power from your camper.

The party booster feature provides you with several sound modes that can help you adjust the music according to the nature of your gatherings. Furthermore, this speaker can do its job with splash-resistant abilities even if raindrops start falling on it. The design uses a non-circular central dome that allows the sound to disperse over a larger area. Moreover, if you connect your device to the speakers to start charging it, you can further save up the battery of your RV.


  • A high sound range
  • 20 hours battery life
  • Instant charging
  • Multiple sound modes
  • Karaoke options
  • Docs to attach guitar and mic
  • Water-resistant


  • Sound lowers if not plugged in the charging port
  • Quite expensive

2. Skar 2 Way Marine – Best Replacement Outdoor Camper Speakers

These speakers use similar technology as component speakers. It is the kind of speaker found in cars and usually has a higher base and quality sound. However, these speakers utilize a more efficient technology that ensures no reduction in sound despite the location.

These coaxial speakers are also called full range because they produce a significantly loud noise. Unlike huge speakers, they only use a single unit for channeling the sound. This feature also indicates that they have a powerful and long-lasting battery life.

These speakers were created to assist sea voyagers. Therefore, they can beat the constant sounds of waves. Hence, whatever your outdoor camping site is, these speakers will not fail to perform their job.

The pair uses a power of 320 Watts which is appropriate and minimal because you rely on your RV for charging. It has a sensitivity of around 88dbs. The feature indicates that the speakers instantly and efficiently use the power to create a loud sound. Furthermore, you can always consult the instruction manual to solve any difficulty with these speakers.


  • A high battery life
  • Powerful conversion of energy into sound
  • Comes in a pair
  • Uses minimal power
  • Water-resistant
  • Incredibly clear audio


  • The installation process is quite complex
  • Sound decreases over time

3. SOWO Bluetooth Speaker – Best Bluetooth Outdoor RV Speakers

The speaker has one of the most modern and well-articulated designs. It has an appealing outlook that significantly enhances its customer base. The structure is tubular; therefore, you can fit it anywhere or carry it around without much trouble.

The LED lights that usually give off several colors can illuminate the dark regions. You can enhance the brightness of these LED lights according to your surroundings. It uses DSP technology to enhance the sound according to the beats. The structure uses a tweeter speaker, one of the loudest sound-producing equipment.

It uses both woofer and subwoofer to produce one of the most efficient forms of bass. The speaker also has two central domes that provide a powerful sound experience. Furthermore, it operates on Bluetooth, so you do not have to restore to any other inconvenient way to get it working. It has a battery timing of 24 hours with an instant charging feature that utilizes only a minimal amount of your RV battery.

It uses a piece of fabric as an outer layer that minimizes the resistance and maximizes the sound frequency. As a result, it provides a large coverage area, and the sound becomes more prominent.


  • Bluetooth options
  • Battery lasts throughout the day
  • The design effectively maximizes sound
  • LED lights with several colors
  • Pronounced beats
  • Wireless portable speakers
  • Attachment options for laptops and computers
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Powerful bass
  • High sound range
  • Multifunctional ports


  • Continuous charging impacts battery life
  • Battery timing reduces after a few months

4. Nuled Bluetooth Speakers – Best Outdoor RV Speakers with Lights

These are some of the most appealing outdoor RV speakers available. The design represents a flame lantern. You can place it during the dark, and it will instantly brighten up the surroundings. You can use it as a night light, and it will provide an exciting atmosphere for your gatherings.

Several mounting options are available, and the most preferable is on the wall or camping tents. You can place it on the floor if you are camping. The flame lantern has sixty smaller LEDs inserted. As a result, it produces a powerful and bright yellow glow. The experience becomes too realistic, and the light is similar to the actual flames. These speakers are water and dustproof. Any splashes or spills from different liquids will not affect them. Therefore, you can take it with you to the beach.

It uses a powerful battery that allows it to last for 15 hours. It produces a very defined sound with a clear base stereo. Therefore, it has a wide range and will provide you with unforgettable times and memories. These speakers can break the sound and transmit them in two channels. As a result, these speakers can cover several directions with sound at once.


  • Ultra-definition stereo
  • Quality sound
  • Powerful base
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Connection options with laptops and computers
  • Instant charging
  • Standby mode lasts till 60 hours
  • Highly illuminating flame glow
  • Mounting options for tents, patios, and campers


  • Charging requires a lot of time once the speakers power off

5. Polk Audio Atrium 6 – Best Surface Mount Outdoor RV Speakers

These speakers have a central dome that covers most of the speaker portion. It has an auxiliary connection that allows you to pair with any device.

It uses a dynamic balance driver that employs a cord to direct communication with the dome. The feature provides the speakers with an optimal range. The attachment ensures that sound instantly travels through the entire speaker system.

It also ensures that whatever modifications you set up on the speakers immediately influence the music output. It uses the PowerPort bass venting technology, eliminating any other noise present in the background. Moreover, it also maintains the sound quality even if the auxiliary connection becomes slightly interrupted.

The design is compact and can easily fit into your camper. You can also place these on the ground or any other rough surface. These speakers show excellent performance even in a packed site where there is not much space for sound to travel.

These also have mounting brackets that make the process of securely placing these speakers quite accessible. You can attach them to walls or put them within your camper. These speakers weigh more than the usual portable ones; however, the anti-slip technology keeps them on the mounted site.

These are highly durable speakers and are resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, they will last longer than most of the other similar ones available in the market. The weather does not impact their condition or function. You can always rely on them during camping in every season.


  • Unbeatable quality sound and bass
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • Ensures heavy rain and extreme temperatures
  • Effectively disperses the sound


  • If you increase the bass too much, sounds start distorting

Best RV Outdoor Speakers Buying Guide

best outdoor rv speakers

Following are some of the factors you should consider while buying outdoor RV speakers.

·        Battery Timing

It is necessary to ensure that speakers have a long-lasting battery. It should last for 24 hours at least. Therefore, to get the speakers with high battery life, you must read tier features. If these include that the battery capacity is more than ten mAh, the speakers will last more than 24 hours.

·        Low Power Consumption

Campers utilize batteries to power engines like all other vehicles. However, if you lie in them, you need that power to fuel various electronic devices that you need every day. Therefore, you must ensure that speakers do not consume much power. It can also impact the RV battery and may cause inconvenience during the journey. Furthermore, instant charging speakers may consume more energy to fuel their batteries. So, you should not consider the fast charging features as highly beneficial. Speakers that charge slowly will consume less power and last longer.

·        Weather Resistant

Weather remains quite inconsistent when you are camping. In most cases, it starts raining while there is heavy wind at other times. The speakers should be able to tolerate these changes in the surroundings. Most speakers are water-resistant and can bear few raindrops to heavy showers. Others exhibit dust-resistant technologies. Therefore, you should only go for reliable speakers and can endure the harsh weather.

·        Bluetooth Pairing

There are several ways to connect your speakers to your devices. However, the most accessible one is Bluetooth. It does not drain your device’s battery and ensures an uninterrupted connection. Moreover, it is also easier to navigate the music through Bluetooth. Such speakers are also portable and can be placed anywhere.

Best Outdoor RV Speakers FAQs

best outdoor camper speakers

1.   How much should I invest in these speakers?

Outdoor speakers should cost between $70 to $350. The portable Bluetooth speakers can cost you around $70. These speakers provide you with essential features such as Bluetooth pairing, high-definition sound, and bass. However, if you intend to get something long-lasting and durable, you will have to invest more than $200. Such speakers are reliable and can withstand harsh environmental factors. These speakers also have several music modes, including stereo and woofer sounds.

2.   Should I mount the speakers on the camper?

Mounting speakers on the RV is not an efficient option. As you travel on the road, you experience several bumps and jumps. Though the mounting technologies are slip-resistant, the instant jolts and jerks can land the speakers on the floor. You should securely place the speakers on the camper and keep padding around to prevent any damage.

3.   What connectivity options should the speakers have?

The speakers must have several connectivity options. You can attach your phone, laptop, USB, or computer with such devices. While camping, you can either opt for a USB connection or Bluetooth. Therefore, the type of speaker you buy should accommodate these preferences.


Outdoor speakers are an essential for first time RV owners and the most viable solution to mitigate the lack of music while camping, and they enhance the entire experience of your journey. You can also plan gatherings while camping and rely on these speakers to provide you with non-stop music. You can also arrange the karaoke sessions as they are essential for most speakers.

Always ensure that your speakers have a warranty and come with an instruction manual. Moreover, you should also get the contact number of the professionals or the manufacturer. You can consult them throughout the journey to resolve any issue with the speakers.