Best Heater for RV Boondocking – Top 3 Picks!

Are you in search of a heater that can work excellently and wonderfully in your RV? When you travel long distances, it is important to be comfortable in your RV. And to maintain an optimal environment when boondocking, you will need a high-quality product. As a result, we conducted extensive research to present the top 3 picks for the best heater for RV boondocking. 

Top 3 Best Heater for RV Boondocking

1. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy

This product tops our list for the many safety features it has. It has a large heat capacity, is functional at even above 7,000 ft. Moreover, you can rely on it to swiftly warm your space. The most pleasing thing is that it can keep your surroundings at a constant temperature for an extended period, and it works well for areas up to 450 sq. ft.

Extra safety measures, such as safety switches, are included. As a result, you may use this product without fear of any risks. Its capacity to detect low energy levels is another crucial feature that makes it the best option. If the energy level decreases and goes below a certain threshold, it will alert the user, ensuring that the equipment as a whole is not harmed. Many individuals have inquired about the product’s accessories. The hose and other attachments are not present in the box, and you must purchase them individually.


  • Speedy and efficient product with three heat output adjustment options
  • Multifunctional and portable
  • Heat equally spreads throughout the area
  • The pilot turns off at low energy levels and ensures safety
  • High-performance product, best for RV boondocking, traveling, and overnight usage


  • No accessories are covered in the package
  • The product does not work at a low energy level

2. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

If you like traveling, you may venture out at any time, and you’ll need the right RV boondocking equipment for the season. You’ll need a solution like the GiveBest electric space heater at this point. It serves two functions in one package, 750W and 1500W. During the hot summer, you can enjoy cold air, and during the winter, you can enjoy the warm air. The temperature control function is the cause of its dual nature. Note that the thermostat is a device that automatically cools and warms the room and maintains temperature stability.

Moreover, the safety systems associated with this product make it relatively safe for dry camping or RV boondocking. If the construction is flame retardant, you can rest assured that you won’t encounter any fire risks. At the time of overheating, the heater immediately turns off. Even if you do not use the product, the indicator light will remain on for the time being. This way serves as an indicator to never forget to unplug it.

Due to excellent customer service and overall product quality, it has got very high ratings on the internet. However, it is only suitable for short spaces. As RV boondocking usually does not require too large an area, you can confidently proceed with this product.


  • Quite a product with no extra noise
  • Comes up with variable heat capacities
  • 100% efficient, compact and powerful product
  • Automatically turns off at the time of overheating
  • Ensure a stable temperature due to the presence of a thermostat
  • Reasonably priced
  • #01 best seller in indoor electric space heaters
  • Suitable for overnight usage


  • Customer service is not available at weekends
  • Heat capacity not suitable for large spaces

3. Andily Space Heater with Thermostat 

The operational ease, compactness, and ability to work in large spaces are the most prominent features of the Andily space heater with a thermostat. You can rely on it as it has the potential to meet all of your RV boondocking heating needs. Another exciting feature is the presence of 3 hidden modes. So it works on1500 watts, 750 watts, and only a fan. You can use these modes based on your unique needs.

It features an indication light, much like all other similar fantastic goods on the market. This light is an essential part of maintaining safety. You’ll know whether or not your heater is plugged in right away if you choose this option. Furthermore, the inclusion of an overheat prevention mechanism adds to the security. When the components overheat, the heater promptly turns off. The presence of safety switches adds to the overall safety and protection. When the energy changes, you’ll notice that the controls quickly tip over.

Another prominent reason you should go for this product is its fast and efficient heating process. You can get the desired amount of heat even in a few seconds, and it simply means that it has the potential to serve you for long. The heater’s packaging, compactness, and assembly are also great, and you can immediately start using it as soon as you open the package. Portability and durability are important factors that add to worthiness.


  • Comes with multifunctionality and three heating modes
  • Immediately warms space
  • It comes off with overhead protection mechanism
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • It comes with tip-over safety shut-off switches


  • Some users find it a little bit noisy

Best Heater for RV Boondocking Buyers Guide

●    Energy Source

It is no secret that many different types of RV boondocking heaters are available on the market. However, you can save money and end up with the best products when you know how the product operates. Some run either on electricity or gas, while some heaters are dual. However, many need to be refilled at gas stations. Sach products may not be suitable for RV boondocking. The latest models are often propane adapters so that you can quickly fill them with small bottles of propane. The electric heaters available will operate using 12-volt dc or 120 volts AC. Having such information will make you satisfied while dealing with energy run-out issues.  

●    Safety Features

When choosing the best heater for RV boondocking, safety becomes an important factor. The reason is when you go outside, it would help if you even had even more secure arrangements. We recommend going with heaters that have additional safety features. For example, some come with indicator lights so that you remember to plug them off. Please note, it is always recommended to have an RV carbon monoxide detector installed.

Very few heaters have several warnings on them regarding the ventilation. We discussed the latest models to develop propane burners, oxygen sensors, and shut-off switches. These components combine to provide safety and security by maintaining the temperature. It means when you have any of the products mentioned above, you will not need to worry about leaving your children or pets inside your RV.

When you consider safety features, you should also focus on reducing the risk of accidental fires. For this purpose, using the heaters with an overheating alert mechanism is essential.

●    Durability and Storage

If you have selected a durable product, your storage and care will enhance its life. So if you are in the habit of regularly cleaning the heater, you can expect it to remain functional for longer durations. It is also essential to check your heater for fuel levels and keep it full. The regular recycling of fresh gasoline improves durability.

However, if you have controlled gasoline for more than six months without even using it, it will damage internal components. It would be correct to say that user behavior can play a vital role in preventing the humidity and condensation inside the product. So instead of worrying about the quality or complaining, it is better to take care of the product and enjoy long companionship.

best heater for rv boondocking

Buying A Heater For RV Boondocking FAQs

1.   What is the role of material in choosing the right heater for RV boondocking?

If you want to end up with the best choices, you need to go for RV heaters whose components’ long life is guaranteed. The durable components ensure that you are getting the right product. Usually, the RV boondocking heaters available in the market are made of plastic or metal. Nowadays, the RV boondocking heaters for ceramic coating are also available. It depends on your affordability to end up with the desired material type.

2.   How to choose the best heater for RV boondocking?

When you concentrate on quality standards, safety, and durability, choosing the most OK heater for RV boondocking is simple. We’ve done the legwork for you; all you have to do now is choose your favorite and get ready to fly. When you commute on your terms and enjoy comfort and coziness, the trip can become rather relaxing.

3.   When the product description says it has a fast heating process, what does it mean?

You can get the desired amount of heat even in a few seconds, and it simply means that it has the potential to serve you for a longer duration by quickly spreading heat and maintaining it.


Choosing the best heater for RV boondocking is easy when focusing on quality and safety. We have done the detailed research, and you only have to pick your desired one and start traveling. The travel journey can become quite comfortable when you travel on your terms and enjoy warmth and coziness.

Consequently, you must have felt the need for the best heater for RV boondocking. The ones on our list have the potential to meet all of your boondocking and camping needs.