Best Generator For RV Air Conditioner – Top 5 Picks

The best generator for RV air conditioner is an essential lifetime investment for camping enthusiasts who have frequent outdoor RV living. A robust generator can run all the required and extra appliances in your RV, such as the microwave, electric bulbs, phones, and AC unit. In other words, you can camp in comfort, focusing only on the pleasure of the outdoors.

The security of the best generator for an RV air conditioner is unparalleled, and you should prioritize this before you begin your trip. A perfect family vacation can easily backfire when the temperature outside is 90 degrees, and your AC unit stops working. Whether it is just for comfort in the scorching heat or your sanity while traveling long distances, you should consider a generator as an absolute must for your RV.

We realize selecting the best from the options available in the market can be challenging. Therefore, you must educate yourself on the basic concerns when choosing a generator. We have put together five of the best generators for your RV. Moreover, these generators are strong enough to power your essential appliances as well as your AC unit.

Top 5 Best Generators for RV Air Conditioner

  1. Generac 7127 iQ3500 3500 Watts – The Quietest Operation
  2. DuroMax XP4400EH – Dual Fuel Operation
  3. Champion 4000 Watt RV Ready DH Series – Best for Fuel Economy
  4. Westinghouse iGen4500 – Most Portable Choice
  5. WEN 56475 4750 Watt – Best Budget Option

1.  Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watts Portable Invertor Generator for RV Air Conditioner

The Generac 7127 is a powerful generator that can power your AC unit and other RV appliances up to 3,500 watts. This model can efficiently run up to eight hours on a single fuel tank. Besides, the Generac 7127 is a smart choice for users due to its convenient electric start option instead of a manual pull-start. Additionally, it contains a digital smart LCD which helps you monitor its run time, remaining time, and wattage.

More importantly, the Generac 7127 is an inverter variety. When considering a generator for your RV, choosing an inverter is wiser than a regular generator. An inverter’s engine goes up and down based on the usage instead of running full throttle all the time. This feature enhances the fuel economy and efficiency of the machine. Hence, you do not have to worry about refueling your generator every other day. Also, inverters are environment-friendly as they produce lower emissions and minimum noise.

It brings us to the best feature of the Generac 7127. It is one of the quietest varieties out there. Hence, you can stand next to it and have a conversation with somebody without hearing the generator hum. The machine is encased in a plastic coating to contain the noise, which is beneficial when camping in the wild and enjoying nature’s peace.

Added to the list of its good points, Generac 7127 is compact and comes with handles for easy portability. Moreover, it has several outlets, including USB ports. So, you can power several appliances, including your phone and iPads, while on vacation.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Many outlets
  • Digital display
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Inverter
  • Electric start
  • Economy mode
  • Long run time
  • Parallel-ready capability


  • No wheels
  • Will not power large AC units
  • Pricier option in the list

2.  DuraMax XP4400 EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator for RV Air Conditioning

The Duramax XP4400 is a powerful machine that provides fuel choice flexibility. It runs on gasoline and propane; propane is a cheaper fuel option and lasts longer. Thus, this generator runs up to nine hours on gas and even longer on propane. With its 4,400 starting watts and 3,500 running watts, it can easily power your larger AC units plus other essential appliances.

Though it is one of the rare generator varieties in the market that provides freedom of fuel choice, it is not the quietest model. You can compare its operational noise to that of a lawnmower. It may be a problem for some, but its large, powerful engine makes up for the noise. The DuraMax can power multiple appliances with its horsepower strength, including high voltage units like your RV’s AC.

The generator comes with multiple outlet options, so you have the flexibility of powering different devices simultaneously. You also avoid the hassle of a manual pull start with the DuraMax generator, as it comes with an electric push start feature. The convenient features and dual fuel option make this an excellent choice for your RV. Additionally, it comes with wheels and a handle, making it suitable to put in your vehicle and move around as required.


  • Runs on both gasoline and propane
  • Electric start
  • Wheels and handle for mobility
  • Powerful engine
  • An inverter that lets you adjust the electricity usage
  • Larger wattage capacity
  • Mid-range price


  • Noisy
  • Propane wattage lower than gasoline
  • Inconvenient location of oil change drain plug

3.  Champion 4000 Watt RV Ready DH Series

The Champion RV Ready DH Series Generator has a 4,000 watts startup and runs on 3,500 watts. Such a powerful engine can easily power your larger AC units. However, the USP of this model is its advanced fuel-efficient technology, which helps the generator run on economy mode and extends the engine’s life span. Thus, the Champion Series can run up to 17 hours on a single fuel tank. This model maximizes your fuel efficiency the most among all the generators on our list.

The Champion DH series generator has an inbuilt clean power running feature; it runs continuously without power fluctuations. It makes it an ideal component for protecting sensitive electronics and appliances which may break down due to power fluctuations and switchovers. Moreover, it has parallel-ready sockets, which increase the generator’s power output.

Like all other generators on our list, the Champion series also comes with many outlets so that you can power multiple appliances on your RV. The best part is that this model works without making too much noise with such enhanced working features, and thus it can serve as your ideal camping partner.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Many plug options
  • Large wattage capacity
  • Parallel-ready sockets
  • Economy mode option
  • Digital hybrid generator
  • Quieter running
  • Clean output to run sensitive electronics
  • Inverter
  • Long run time


  • Hard to move
  • The oil dipstick is a screw-in type
  • Control panel blocks access to the oil fill port
  • May take a few seconds to respond to a load increase

4.  Westinghouse iGen 4500 Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator for RV Air Conditioner

The Westinghouse Portable Inverter model is another excellent generator for your RV. It belongs to the RV-ready category of generators, which means you need to plug in its outlet and be ready to roll.

Along with several other great features, the Westinghouse iGen 4500 is best known for its convenient and effortless operating method. It is compact with wheels for easy portability. It is something to consider when you are on the go and need machinery that is easier to move around. Its electric start method means you have to push the button to get it going. It is supplemented by a wireless remote to facilitate further the convenience of turning the machine on.

The Westinghouse Portable is an inverter model with fuel efficiency and economy. It requires 4,500 starting watts and runs on up to 3,700 watts, which lets you run many of your essential RV appliances along with your AC unit with ease.

Besides its electric and remote start options, the generator has a rotating digital display that shows fuel level and power output. You can also use it to check the remaining runtime, lifetime hours, and voltage output. This feature makes gauging the status and performance of your machine all the more convenient. Thus, its portability, and its comfort of use, make the Westinghouse iGen 4500 an excellent choice for your RV.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Variable engine speed for customizing power
  • It can run on propane and gas
  • Maximum run time of up to 18 hours
  • Convenient electric and wireless remote start
  • Safety features such as an automatic low oil
  • Has overload protection and voltage regulation
  • Wheels for portability
  • USB ports and many outlets


  • Pricier option on the list
  • Customer service is a tad slow

5.  WEN 56475 4750 Watt Portable Generator for RV Air Conditioning

Suppose you are looking for a sound generator that can power all your required appliances but is not heavy on the pocket. In that case, the WEN 56475 Portable Generator is the one you need. Do not be fooled by its price, though. Budget-friendly does not mean less power. Moreover, this model is heavy-duty and rugged with a sizeable 4,750-watt startup and 3,750 watts run rate. That means the generator can easily power your RV’s AC unit along with other essentials like lights, TV, and refrigerator. It has a runtime of up to ten hours on a single gas tank.

The generator has the ease of an electric start and comes with wheels and a handle for portability. On the downside, it does not have many outlets like its other friends. Still, its environmental and appliance safety voltage regulator is a bonus.


  • Heavy duty
  • Electric start
  • Safety features
  • Wheels and handles
  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable


  • Lacks multiple voltage plugs
  • Battery replacement may be frequent

Buying Guide for the Best Generator for RV Air Conditioners

There are several great options for RV generators in the market. However, choosing the right one for yourself may be challenging, especially when you do not know what key factors to look out for. Our buying guide will address these primary factors to help you make the right choice.

●    Wattage

You need to know the total amount of power your RV appliances need, in this case, your AC unit. Your appliances and all generators mention the total wattage they can produce. It will help you determine what wattage you require. Remember that AC units require more power. Thus, they need potent generators to run on.

●    Fuel Efficiency

Suppose your prime concern is getting a model that does not require constant refueling. It would help if you considered fuel efficiency during the selection process. All models have a fuel limit and tell you how much fuel they can hold, and this will give you an idea of how much fuel to have on you.

●    Quiet Operation

The noise a generator makes when running can spoil your outdoor close-to-nature experience. Therefore noise reduction should be on top of your priority lists while choosing a model for your RV.

●    Portability and Size

A model with wheels and a handle makes for a generator that you can quickly move around. If steering a heavy model is not your piece of cake, you should prioritize the portability of the generator. Also, how much space you allocate to the generator will determine your selected size.

●    Budget

Alas, your budget will be one of the prime deciding factors when selecting a generator. However, investing in a good model will ensure maximum security, reliability, and comfort, even if the price goes higher than expected.

best generator for rv air conditioner

RV Generator For Air Conditioning – FAQ

1.   How long will my generator run before needing refueling?

Generators have different fuel efficiencies. Moreover, you should also consider the tank size. Manufacturers do give a general idea, but how long a single fuel tank lasts will be determined by your usage.

2.   How many outlets do I need?

Most generators come with several voltage outlet options, including USB ports. How many and what voltage ones you require depends on your usage.

3.   Which startup option is better- manual or electric?

The manual system uses a pull cord and the electric system powers on with an easy flip of a switch or press button. The electric system is better for ease of use and avoids the strain from pulling the cord. However, a manual is preferable for those who do not need internal battery malfunction.

4.   What size generator do I need to run my RV AC?

RV AC units require a lot of power to start and run. On average, you would need a 3,000 to 5,000 watts starting capacity.

5.   How long can you run an RV AC?

If connected to shore power, you can run your RV AC continuously. Generators can run the AC unit depending on their fuel levels and the wattage required to run the unit.


When selecting a generator that can smoothly run your RV’s AC, there are many great options to consider. Additionally, you may want to think about the best heater for RV boondoking and make sure the generator will work for that as well.

However, the choice you make should balance fuel efficiency, wattage, and value for money. Buying the best generator for your RV air conditioner generator will be a worthwhile lifetime investment. A reliable generator means more home-like comforts while living in the outdoors, especially if you are camping somewhere hot