Best Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer With App – The 5 Best Options

Without a thermometer, it is nearly impossible to cook a well-done steak. But with a bit of know-how and the right tools, you can make a five-star meal at home! As technology advances, so do our everyday appliances, and thermometers are no exception. While standard thermometers do the trick, they are more convenient to use with the addition of Wi-Fi and mobile applications.

When buying a Wi-Fi meat thermometer, you’re looking for not only a suitable device but also an easy-to-use app. This article will talk about the best Wi-Fi thermometers and what makes them our top choice.

Bluetooth thermometers were a huge sensation when they first came out, but they weren’t perfect. Fortunately, most Wi-Fi thermometers are not as inconvenient as Bluetooth thermometers, and some are even better to use.

The Best Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer with App Included:

1. Inkbird Wi-Fi  Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T

Despite producing one of the best Wi-Fi meat thermometers, Inkbird is a relatively new company founded in 2010. But in this case, age has nothing to do with experience, as this company has one of the best teams on hand.

Their thermometers come equipped with four separate probes, and they pay attention to minute details. Furthermore, rather than using replaceable batteries, it has its own charging port.

In terms of technical specifications, the battery has a capacity of up to 26 hours. The probes can measure temperatures from 32 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, and the casing can withstand temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Does the App Look Like?

best wi-fi meat thermometer with app

With the help of the app, it’s easy to get the taste anywhere between rare and well-done! The app features alerts and notifications, and you can monitor it from anywhere once connected to Wi-Fi.


Real-time connectivity with support for multiple devices

It comes with four probes and separates them by color

The app has timers, alerts, and cooking aid

It has a recharging port, so no batteries are needed

The magnetic body makes it versatile


The case has a low temperature resistance

2. MEATER Plus BlueTooth and Wi-Fi Thermometer

Although advertised as MEATER, the designer of this thermometer goes by a different name. In reality, the creator is Apption Labs, a startup founded in 2015.

The MEATER Plus is a single probe that is stored and charged in a wooden box. The probe is charged by the box using one AAA battery, which lasts for numerous charging cycles. A sensor for internal temperature and another for ambient temperature are also included in the probe.

It can monitor inside temperatures of up to 212°F and exterior temperatures of up to 527°F. Remember that this item is water-resistant but not waterproof, so don’t submerge it completely. It’s also good to keep it away from the edges, as this could damage the ambient sensor.

What Does the App Look Like?

The MEATER app is relatively sophisticated, and you can get it for both Android or IOS. It can operate in a range of 165 feet, and you can connect it to Alexa to receive notifications.

Plus, the “MEATER Cloud” uploads the thermometer’s information in real-time. Then, using their cook assisting tools, you can quickly cook your meat the way you like.


A single probe does everything

Elegant design, completely wireless

It comes with a charging station

Sophisticated application


A single probe means you can only monitor one piece of meat at the time

The ambient sensor is delicate

3. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer with Wi-Fi

NutriChef started as a company in 2014 and has worked to make cooking easier ever since. They focus on creating tools such as their thermometer to help out cooks of all levels.

While the thermometer can handle up to six probes, it only comes with two. You can connect additional probes to it if you need it, although you’d need to get them separately. The probes that come with it are stainless steel and can take up to 482ºF.

What Does the App Look Like?

You use this thermometer with an app on both Android and IOS, and you can set an alarm notification for it. Other than alarms, you can monitor the temperature on the probes from any smart device with the app.


Handles up to six probes

The app is simple to use and highly customizable

Accurate readings and sturdy case


It runs on two AA batteries

4. Tappecue Wi-Fi  Meat Thermometer

Tappecue began working on its first Wi-Fi thermometer in 2013 in Kansas City. Today, they have a reliable and versatile Wi-Fi thermometer. Their product can withstand temperatures up to 200ºF, but they advise against placing it on a surface close to or above that temperature.

The thermometer is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to twenty hours! Furthermore, you can connect up to eight probes to the device. It can handle temperature readings from 0° to 576° Fahrenheit, and it is water-resistant.

What Does the App Look Like?

Tappecue is mostly proud of its cloud technology. They’ve designed a touchscreen display for you to monitor the temperature from your smart devices. With the aid of their app, you can connect to Google or even Alexa for notifications. You can also set up alerts to help you multitask.


Bluetooth capabilities, but unlimited range with Wi-Fi

Can handle up to eight probes

The case can handle temperatures up to 200ºF

Good UI design and versatile application

Chargeable batteries


Some users experience difficulty connecting the device to Wi-Fi

5. AKSESROYAL Premium Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

This thermometer is an excellent option for those starting out, as it comes with preset temperatures for different kinds of meats. It comes with six probes to assist with your cooking and give you control over large cuts or multiple cuts.

It also has a pair of strong magnets on the back to stick it in place nearby. The probes are stainless steel and can withstand temperatures up to 482ºF. Although it has magnets, make sure not to place it on hot surfaces; it may damage it.

What Does the App Look Like?

The device has an outdoor range of 200 feet and 100 feet indoors. You can pair it with your phone using an app and set up various alarm notifications. The app will help you set up presets for different kinds of meat as well.


Includes six probes

Magnetic attachments

Simple and helpful application


Relatively short range

requires two AAA batteries

Buyers Guide To the Best Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer With App


A good Wi-Fi thermometer should be accurate on a wide scale. For example, it should show the exact temperature the meat is at, so you can know better how long to cook your meat.


Your thermometer should be able to withstand weather changes such as rain, wind, cold temperatures, etc. Additionally, the thermometer should be able to work as an ordinary thermometer without a Wi-Fi connection.

Smart Functions

Your thermometer should work well in all cases and temperatures. Additionally, it should also have an alert system to inform you if the temperature is higher than how you set it.

Moreover, the thermometer should feature more than one probe. This will help you to check the temperature of more than one meat steak simultaneously.

Furthermore, there should be a fan control unit. The purpose of this unit should be to control and manage the internal heat effectively. If the system gets overheated, the fan will go off while the alert system informs you.


Q. How should I check the accuracy of the thermometer?

You can check the accuracy of your thermometer by submerging the probe into either ice-cold water. If the meter shows zero degrees in cold water Celsius, then you know it is accurate.

Q. How is a Wi-Fi thermometer cleaned?

To clean your thermometer, you should give it a rinse with hot water mixed with soap, and make sure you remove grease and anything else stuck to it. If you’re in the great outdoors, a swab with alcohol will do the trick.

Making the Most Out of Your Meat Thermometer

With the help of a thermometer, you can make sure your meat remains tender. However, the most frequently damaged part of a meat thermometer is its probes since they’re exposed to high temperatures. However, you can increase their lifespan with proper maintenance. Bluetooth features are not bad, but it’s definitely a step up if you have access to Wi-Fi. Better accuracy and virtually no range limit is definitely an upgrade; improve your dishes with the help of one of the best Wi-Fi meat thermometer with app!