Best Pump Sprayer for Staining Fence

Fences not only provide privacy but also increase your curb appeal. Since they face more adversities than the rest of the exterior surfaces, they need a little TLC now and then. And the best way to do that is to spray on stains.

While you can use brushes and rollers, spray paints will make your job much easier. The finishing is also flawless, and it can increase the lifespan of your fences. 

You must now be looking for the best pump sprayer for staining fence since we have convinced you that it is the only way to go. Do not worry, because we have got you covered. We have selected 5 unique products based on size, usability, budget, and other factors. 

5 Best Pump Sprayer for Staining Fences

Best Pump Sprayer for Staining Fence

Like everything else, the market is oversaturated with different brands of pump sprayers. More than often, they end up disappointing but not these. And here is what we think of them: 

1.    Chapin 30600 2-Gallon Professional Sprayer

Chapin does not like leaving any loose ends when it comes to their products, and it is pretty much the same for this product as well. The international 30600 is perfect for both professional and DIY projects, always giving you the perfect finish.

That is primarily because of the three fan nozzles that give you a coarse, fine, or medium pattern that you can adjust for each task. Now, to ensure that you are comfortable carrying around this sprayer when you work, the handle has been designed to take the stress off your wrist to reduce hand fatigue. 

The wand is quite long and comfortable to hold, and you can work on the out-of-reach areas without using a step stool. It also reduces the probability of the harmful chemicals wafting back to you when you spray higher areas.

The tank is sized at 2-gallons and is made with a lightweight stainless steel piston pump. It is heavier than plastic but can still be carried out without any difficulty. And the even air pressure resulting in a smooth layer and less overspray certainly makes up for the high price tag. 


  • Change the spray pattern by switching the nozzle
  • The hose is long enough to provide extended reach without any chemicals falling on you
  • Viton seals prevent corrosion and leaks
  • Easy to clean and assemble


  • Slightly expensive


This paint sprayer may have initially been a deck sprayer, but it is now the best sprayer for staining and spraying paint. It is sturdy and rugged with no significant drawbacks to make you regret buying it. 

2. Chapin 1949 Industrial Viton Open Head Sprayer

This paint sprayer was initially designed for spraying concrete, durable enough for professional work while still easy enough to use by homeowners. It has a 3.5-gallon tri-poxy lined steel tank built to last and is resistant to rust, corrosion, and dents. 

Besides the triple protection, the 4-inch mouth opening makes it easy to clean and fill so you can work faster. All parts, such as the nozzle, wand, and are made with brass to give you an even coverage. It has a shut off with a lock on feature.

As can be expected, it tends to drip a lot after letting go of the trigger with a big nozzle like this.

And because of how powerful and durable this fence stain sprayer is, people have started using it for spray paintings stains. You get very high pressure and use it for wider coverage and reaching those awkward areas. 

The Chapin 1949 sprayer has also gotten some negative criticisms because of some seal leaks. But this can be easily avoided if you watch the manufacturer’s video and learn the “trick” to assembling the seal correctly.

You also do not get a safety pressure release valve, but hopefully, it will not be any problem. Just be wary of spraying flammable materials and draining them after use. 


Durable and has triple protection from damage

High pressure allows you to work effectively

A large tank that leads to fewer refills while painting

It can be used for both concrete spraying and staining


Slightly expensive


Although initially built for concrete spraying, this paint sprayer can also be used for staining for its high pressure. However, the pressure might be too strong at times and be more than you need. It can also be expensive if you are on a tight budget. But overall, it is a good quality sprayer and is very durable.

3. Smith 190285 1-Gallon Bleach and Chemical Sprayer

The Smith 190285 may be compact and lightweight, but it is extremely good at its job. Besides staining, most people use it spraying chemicals on lawns and gardens and cleaning decks. Some people even love using it for spraying concretes. 

The tank is one gallon only, and unlike most pump sprayers, it is made with thick, durable plastic. It is translucent with marks to let you know the amount of liquid left. Since it has just a 1-step assembly, you can disassemble it easily to clean or fill without spilling any chemicals. That also makes it convenient to replace broken parts. 

You would need about half a dozen to a dozen pumps to pressurize it before working. And it would last for a few minutes at least, with an even and consistent paint flow to get a clean finish. What we liked most about it was the poly nozzle which hardly clogs and is completely non-corrosive. 

For a large fence stain that requires longer sessions, you can use the 36-inch reinforced hose with the shut off feature for better efficiency. The airless paint sprayer should also have a comfortable grip that does not strain your hand much. 


The poly nozzle is suitable for versatile spraying tasks and even work as deck cleaners

Caustic chemicals do not corrode the spray, so you can use it with cleaning agents

Comfortable grip allows you to work longer without tiring your hand

Easy to clean and fill since it can be assembled and disassembled fast


No pressure relief valve for safety 


Other than a few minor drawbacks, this plastic paint sprayer is very well performing and results in quality work. It is light and compact and can handle all stain jobs for homes easily. 

4. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer

The Scott 190567 is truly a gem, using advanced technology for a professional stained finish that would have usually cost you a lot more. This was not much of a surprise since Scotts more or less deliver the same performance with all of their paint sprayers. 

But this fence paint sprayer wins a lot of brownie points because it draws power from a lithium-ion battery and lets you deliver 12 full tanks of liquid in one go. The handle contains the battery and pump, and you can take the entire piece off for charging. 

This pump has been built for convenience. It comes in a teardrop shape for a low center of gravity and even has a large handle on top for portability. 

You get three spray patterns with the nozzle, such as fan, stream, or cone spray, and you can change the spray pattern according to the type of work. Just use the fan spray for staining, and you will be good to go—no need to purchase extra tools. 

But, to avoid any unfortunate accidents, the sprayer is equipped with a safety valve that releases all the pressure before you begin disassembling the pump. This is to avoid any chemicals splashing on you. 


Three spray settings for you to choose from according to your work

Safety valve relieves pressure and helps avoid accidents

Increase work efficiency by spraying 12 tanks of product in a single charge

No need to purchase extra tools for staining and crowd your shed or garage


Replacement for faulty parts require a long time


The Scotts 190567 delivers true performance and is highly convenient. It is slightly small than most sprayers but is perfect for your backyard jobs. This would give you good value by eliminating the need to buy additional tools and would last a long while as well. 

5. Solo 456 2.25 Gallon Professional Handheld Sprayer

Solo has earned a reputation for having the best pump sprayers. And the 456 sprayer takes it further up by a notch with its improved and more convenient design. All the materials are of high quality and can be used with caustic substances without any damage. 

We love how easy it is to use this product. The opening is 4.25-inch wide, which is more than what you would get in competing sprayers. This removes the tediousness of filling up and cleaning the tank, making it feel almost effortless.

Besides, the spray wand is extra-long, measuring about 28 inches, reducing the need to move around as much. You also get extended reach which can be incredibly convenient for short homeowners.

This pump also has a commercial-grade shut-off valve with a locking mechanism that reduces the strain on your hands. 

But the best feature about this paint sprayer is the 4 interchangeable nozzles, including a foaming nozzle, letting you carry out multiple spraying tasks without having to purchase more tools.

This sprayer would give you excellent value for the money along with other features, such as the ergonomic handle design. 


Can fill the tank and clean it without making a mess

Short homeowners can get the additional height they need due to the long wand

Carry out versatile spraying needs by only switching the nozzle

Easy to carry the pump around without weighing you down


Weak nylon strap


The Solo pump is very durable and can last a while even if you do not take much care. All the nozzles create consistent layers and would serve you well. 

Features to Consider Before You Buy 

Since sprayers for staining fences can be a long-term investment, there are certain things you must look out for before deciding. And these are some of the most important ones: 

Tank Capacity

When you are working, the last thing you would want is to take frequent breaks to refill your tank. This can hamper your workflow and take you much longer than necessary, mainly because you need to fill your pump to build up the pressure again. 

You also do not want your fence sprayer tank too big as it can be annoying and heavy to lug around. So, check out the area to determine a tank size that would seem the most appropriate. 


Since weight is a vital consideration for paint sprayers, you also need to choose between different materials. You need to choose one that you are comfortable with while meeting the rest of your requirements. 

Moreover, you need to choose a material that does not react with caustic substances. If you plan on using it for multiple purposes, make sure your fence stain sprayers can handle different kinds of stains and paints along with other water-soluble substances. 


The feature that can make or break a sprayer is the nozzle. And it is one of the most important components to check out before buying. 

To get the best quality finish while staining a fence, you need the proper nozzle for your spray gun. Most sprayers contain interchangeable nozzles that let you adjust the spray patterns according to your type of work. But that does not mean products with single nozzles are not the best paint sprayers. 

The nozzle should also create flawless results by letting out even and consistent layers. When it comes to staining, it should not spurt out or overspray the liquid, which could then create uneven blotches and sloppy work. 

It should also be designed to be anti-clog or clog-free. Otherwise, you would have to spend a while cleaning it up or having to frequently replace it. 


By size, we mean the garden hose length and wand length. Having a longer hose for more extensive projects can completely change your work efficiency for the better.

On the other hand, if you have a short height or are not comfortable spraying caustic substances near you, getting a wand with some extra length would be the best for you. 

Type of Sprayer

There are mainly two types of sprayers, HVLP paint sprayer or Airless. The former stands for high-volume, low pressure that keeps the spray consistent without letting it overspray. These high volume sprays are perfect for precise works and narrow areas, such as windows jams, cabinets, etc. 

Airless sprayers, on the other hand, work faster and are more suitable for bigger and flatter surfaces. They are more powerful as well, delivering 100 times more power than HVLP will. For this option, take a look at our best paint sprayer for fences rankings.

While these two modes may be different, there is nothing inherently wrong with them. And the type you choose should only depend on what kind of work you have. 

Ease of Use

Even if you are a homeowner who only uses stain sprayers occasionally, they should still be easy to use. That means less effort when setting and filling up and more control when spraying. 

Sometimes, if you misarrange a complicated sprayer, you can get seal leaks which can ruin your product. So, choose a product that is a breeze to set up. You should also choose a product that gives you ultimate control, like having fully adjustable pressure, adjustable spray angles, flow control knob, etc. 

Easy to clean

Pump sprayers need to be cleaned and maintained after every use. So, buy one that can be disassembled and assembled easily and has a wide opening so that it is not much trouble to upkeep. 

How to Stain a Fence with a Sprayer

Once you start staining a fence with a sprayer, you will never look back. It is pretty simple and can create outstanding results every time.

Step 1: Prep and Clean

Remove any furniture or decorations close to your garden fence. Seal off any surrounding wall by draping a cloth or using painter’s tape. This includes covering the bottom of the fence as well. If you have any nearby trees or bushes, just tie them back or cover them up. 

Now, if your fence is old, you should repair and replace any damaged boards. Hammer in or pluck off any loose nails or screws and use a sanding block to smoothen them out afterward. Finally, use a pressure washer to remove all grimes and dirt. 

Remember to wear protective gear, like gloves, safety goggles, and old clothes. 

Step 2: Apply the Stain

Open your stain container and stir it with a paint stirrer before pouring it into the sprayer’s canister. You need to make sure you are applying the lid securely before you begin spraying. Unlock the handle, pump it until you feel the resistance, and then lock it back down. 

Start from one edge of your fence, with the spray gun about 10 inches away. Press the trigger and move your hand in an up and down motion to start staining a fence. If you feel like changing the pattern, you can adjust the nozzle accordingly and resume. 

Step 3: Use Brush to Make Fixes

Go back with a brush to remove any excess or drips. You can also cover up any missed spots or corners. Once you are satisfied, repeat the process for all the other fences. Make sure to cover both sides. 

Step 4: Recoat If Necessary 

After letting it dry completely, reapply a second coat if you deem it necessary. With some stains, only one coat is enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to stain fences?

A wood stain is not the only stain that can bring out the natural color of the wood and increase its appeal. Even transparent stains also protect it from damage and extend its lifespan. 

How can I determine the amount of stain to use? 

You can estimate an amount by calculating the total square footage of the area. To do that, you would need to multiply the length into height. Then, you would divide it with the coverage of the can. 

What type of stains can I use with a pump sprayer? 

You can use both oil and water-based stains and even chalk paint with a fence staining sprayer. Latex paint can also be applied with an airless sprayer, but you still need to read the label of the paint container to check if it is suitable for the pump sprayer. 

Should I use a spray or a brush to stain the fence? 

Process of fence renovation at bright sunny day by man in protective gloves.

Spraying is a better choice as it is less time consuming, requires less effort, and creates a smoother finish. It also does not leave any brush marks.

How to clean a pump sprayer after use? 

While still wearing your gloves, wash the inside of your tank thoroughly with water and a cleaning brush. Refill it again before assembling and then empty the can by spraying out the water. This would clean your nozzle, wand, and hose. Rinse it with water again, and then let it dry completely before storing. 

Final Words

Of course, you would need the best pump sprayer for staining fence to get the best work done. It will make your job so much easier, even if you are a novice. Not to mention that it would ultimately leave you satisfied as a DIYer.