Best Paint Sprayer For Fences – 5 Top Options

Painting your fence is one way to add style and beauty to your outdoor space. Using the best paint sprayer for fences makes this task a lot easier. A fence spray works more efficiently than a brush or roller, saving you time and energy.

Plus, this efficient painting method does a better job of applying a full and smooth coat to your fence. So, for your next fence painting project, you’ll want to invest in a paint sprayer. We’ve compiled our picks for the best paint spray for fences on the market.

1. Yattich Paint Sprayer

The Yattich Paint Sprayer caters to all your indoor and outdoor household needs. Indeed, the high-power HVLP spray gun is designed to work on your fence, furniture, car, and bike. The spray features three spray patterns, including horizontal, vertical, and circular.

Furthermore, its five nozzles allow it to paint items of different sizes. The nozzle sizes include 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, and 3mm. Each nozzle features a copper construction to withstand high pressures while preventing clogs. Additionally, the copper construction makes the nozzle surfaces more concentrated and uniform. Finally, the sprayer’s double-layer insulation eliminates any safety hazards during painting.


Easy to clean

Adjustable flow control

Can treat spaces of up to 400 square feet

Long 6.6ft power cord

Rear foam pad to prevent paint from flowing backward


Wired operation

Max 32 oz paint container

2. Graco Magnum Project Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum Project Paint Sprayer features an innovative design to make your home improvement projects fun and smooth. The paint sprayer integrates a control paint flow setting which allows you to adjust the pressure fully. Notably, this gives you ultimate control over paint flow.

In addition, a RAC IV switch tip allows you to reverse the tip when clogged for continuous spraying. The sprayer also integrates a stainless steel piston pump which lets you spray unthinned paint at high pressure. On the other hand, the sprayer’s flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a one or five-gallon paint bucket.


Extra storage compartments to store spray gun, tips, and power cord

PowerFlush adapter connects to a garden hose for quick and fast cleaning

Supports paint hoses up to 50 ft long

Low risk of overspray

Highly adjustable


Hose kinks easily


3. Graco Magnum Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer for fences features a TrueAirless Spray Tip. The technology vastly improves your painting experience. The spray tip integrates a softer spray finish which offers excellent control and less overspray.

Furthermore, this sprayer has a flexible suction tube that connects straight to a single or five-gallon paint container. It also has the same stainless steel piston pump as some of the other models on our list, which offers high-pressure power for applying unthinned paints. Finally, the sprayer is compatible with hoses up to 75 feet long for easier access to hard-to-reach places.


Adjustable pressure knob

PushPrime technology for a fast and reliable start-up

Spray directly from the paint container or bucket

Connects to a garden hose for easy cleaning


Heavy design

4. Wagner Spraytech Control Sprayer

Whether you are starting a staining or sealing project, the Wagner Spraytech Control Spray is an excellent tool to have. The sprayer is designed to work for both indoor and outdoor home projects. It features a superior performing HVLP spray gun. Thanks to this design, the sprayer uses a two-stage air turbine for fine finishing.

In general, you can use this sprayer for a variety of materials. These include stains, sealers, urethanes, varnishes, and lacquers. Additionally, a trigger regulator allows you to adjust the spray painting volume and pattern. So, you can decide on the pattern and smoothness you want.


Compatible with different materials

Adjustable flow and paint pattern

Two-stage air turbine for ultra-fine finish

Suitable for interior and exterior use

Replaceable filter


Small paint containers

Not ideal for water-based paint

5. HomeRight Paint Sprayer

Built with a powerful 450-watt motor, the HomeRight Paint Sprayer accommodates thick paints and varnishes. Thankfully, this means you don’t need to worry about thinning as much during your painting projects. It also features a 39-ounce container for long and continuous painting, saving you time.

It comes with three brass spray tips of different sizes for added versatility. The 0.4mm tip works for primers and latex paints, while the 2mm tip works for latex and chalk paints. Finally, the 1.5mm tip is ideal for stains and sealers. Thanks to the different tip sizes, you can use this sprayer for a range of applications. Ultimately, these include furniture, decks, and fences.


Large paint container capacity

Suitable for thick paints and varnishes

Range of applications

Easy to clean design

Customizable flow and pattern settings


Some pieces are made of cheap plastic

Issues when using for furniture

Buying Guide — Choosing the Best Paint Sprayer for Fences

When choosing the best paint sprayer for fences, the most important factor is whether or not it will do the job. To ascertain how suitable a sprayer is for the task, there are some key features you’ll want to consider. Here are some of the things you should consider before making an investment.

Sprayer Capacity

A sprayer is primarily designed to enhance painting efficiency and time. Therefore, you want a sprayer with a reasonably high capacity. Even with a small fence, your sprayer still needs an adequately sized tank for continuous spraying. Frequently pausing to refill the tank will ultimately make you tired or mess up the job.

However, you also have to remember that a large tank will significantly increase the overall weight of your sprayer. So, you want to balance out the capacity and weight. We recommend you opt for a sprayer that offers at least a 1.5-quart tank.

Types of Paint Sprayers

best paint sprayer for fences

You’ll want to make sure you pick the right kind of paint sprayer to suit your project. Here are the common types of paint sprayers:

Gravity Feed Sprayers

As their name suggests, gravity feed sprayers function by using gravity. They use pressurized air from a compressor to propel the paint out of the nozzle. This results in easier and faster applications. If you have heavier paint, you have to increase the air pressure for the correct application.

LVLP and HVLP Spray Guns

These types of sprayers use low volume or air and paint at low pressure. In general, these types of spray guns are considered much safer. However, they often have a weaker spraying mechanism, which makes them hard to control. These types of spray guns are usually less expensive and don’t require an air compressor. However, keep in mind that these guns don’t produce the same high-quality finish as gravity-fed sprayers.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers offer high-grade finishing and are suitable for a variety of applications. Their application mechanism allows them to create beautiful spray patterns and crisp finishes. Instead of an air compressor, they use a motor to compress the paint. The result is a smoother paint finish with no debris or bubbles.


How much paint do I need for my fence?

Ultimately, the amount of paint you need will depend on the size of your fence. However, as a general rule of thumb, you need at least one gallon of paint per every 175 square foot area of the fence.

Do I have to sand my fence before using a paint sprayer?

Sanding your fence is essential for any paint application job. Sanding helps to remove loose pieces of wood, debris, or old paint. In turn, it allows for a smoother paint finish. Additionally, sanding surfaces such as wood leave the surface rough. The roughness allows the paint to better adhere to the surface.

When should I not use a paint sprayer?

Honestly, getting out the paint sprayer is a personal choice. For most, it can save them time as it allows them to get a big job done quickly. However, if you are looking at a relatively small project, a paint sprayer might be more trouble than it’s worth. These are best suited to larger projects as there is a lot of setup involved to cover the area with plastic, and sprayers can take time to clean afterward. For smaller jobs, take a look at our best pump sprayer for staining fences.


With our conclusive list of the best paint sprayer for fences, you can confidently tackle your next painting project. Redoing your fence couldn’t be any easier or efficient. The fast application of a paint sprayer makes them ideal for large projects.

Unlike brushes or rollers, paint sprayers offer an excellent and smooth finish. Choosing either one of the fence sprayers above guarantees a beautiful transformation in your outdoor space.