Best Bottle Jack For RV – Our Top 3 Picks

One way to ensure you have an uninterrupted RV trip is to keep a record of everything you’d need. This list would be beneficial for long trips outside your city. When it comes to automobiles, no one can accurately predict when faults can spring up, so you need to be set at all times.

RV Jacks are, therefore, your best friend when you need to fix issues and you can’t immediately reach a mechanic. However, it’s not easy to find the right RV jack for these situations. Hence, we’ve created a list of some of the best bottle jack for RV to help streamline your search.

Our Top Bottle Jacks for RVs

Top Pick

Powerbuilt’s All-in-one 640912 Jack

This masterpiece from Powerbuilt is an all-in-one jack stand and jack combo, and its design helps you eliminate the hassle of carrying a separate jack and jack stand.

First on our list is Powerbuilt’s All-in-one 640912 Jack. This masterpiece from Powerbuilt is an all-in-one jack stand and jack combo, and its design helps you eliminate the hassle of carrying a separate jack and jack stand. With a lift range of 11-12 inches, you can use this 640912 jack to lift most off-road vehicles and trucks. It is highly durable, and a one-year warranty backs its use.

Unfortunately, some RV jacks, do not leave room for you to slide under the truck. But with Powerbuilt’s RV jack, you do not have to worry about this problem. The jack and jack stand combo provides strength and stability to help lift your RV high enough for you to effect repairs. In other words, you can do more with this RV jack.

However, you’ll have to deal with its weight since it is a combination of a jack and a jack stand. Furthermore, storage may also be an issue with this jack, but it’s a small price to pay when you consider how effective it’ll be in the long run. If you have a massive RV like the Class A motorhome, the Powerbuilt 640912 may fall short. You’ll need a jack with a more significant weight capacity.


  • Up to 12-inch lift
  • Effective combination of jack and jack stand
  • Safety bar locks unit available at the desired height
  • One-year user warranty
  • A 3-ton weight capacity
  • Steel base for stability under load


  • May be heavy
  • Has a weight ceiling
Best Value Pick

Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Prolift has a glowing reputation for manufacturing reliable and durable jacks. The B-004D grey hydraulic bottle jack is no exception

Prolift has a glowing reputation for manufacturing some of the best jacks for RVs. The B-004D grey hydraulic bottle jack is no exception. Firstly, it has an impressive 4-ton capacity which can carry up to 3638kg load (up to 8000 pounds). This range covers the weight capacity of most regular RVs. So, unless you have a huge RV, the Pro-lift B-004D will work just fine on all of your RV trips.

But if your RV happens to weigh more than 4 tons, you can still lift a corner with this jack. This is particularly important when you need a tire change. The weight of one corner will be considerably lesser than the maximum capacity of the B-004D.

Secondly, the jack has a 9.41-inch height, which is just perfect for fitting under your RV. The Prolift bottle jack can stretch up to 15.4 inches at maximum capacity. With this extension, you can safely raise your RV 15.4 inches above the ground, leaving you with more room to carry out repairs.

In addition, with a 4.49 x 9.41 x 4.37 inches dimension, the Pro-lift B-004D Jack does not take up storage room. This leaves you with room for more stuff that you’ll need on your adventure. In total, the jack weighs about 8 pounds and its saddle, which measures 1.25 inches, enables a secured grip when there’s contact with a jack point. You will also want to grab one of the best cordless drill for RV jacks.

Therefore, the Pro-lift B-004D bottle jack made it to our best bottle jacks for RV list because it has all you need.


  • Designs that meet the latest ANSI/PALD standards
  • Easy and simple-to-use kit
  • Built-in bypass for protection against ram over travel
  • Steel lifting saddle
  • Adjustable extension screw for more space
  • Heat treatment for critical stress areas


  • May not be suitable for vehicles like sedans

Best Heavy Duty Jack

Torin Big Red T91207A Hydraulic Low Profile Welded Bottle Jack

This masterpiece from Powerbuilt is an all-in-one jack stand and jack combo, and its design helps you eliminate the hassle of carrying a separate jack and jack stand.

This jack comes from the United States of America. While it may be a little pricey, its durability and strength are worth every extra penny you may have to spend. The Big Red T91207A has a weight capacity of 12 tons and a lift height of 7-1/2″ to 13-13/16″. To clarify, these features mean you can use them to lift most RVs.

Furthermore, the jack contains zinc, steel, and premium iron materials for strength, and it is capable of producing lift performances for all of your repair needs.

The Big Red T91207A has a broad base made of iron for stability. In addition, it also comes with a fluid bypass and a stop ring to help you avoid damages like overtravel.

However, it may take up some storage space. But, it is not big enough to stop you from taking other essential stuff along with you.


  • 100% factory tested
  • Meets ASME and PASE safety standards
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Designed for residential and commercial use
  • Comes with special hydraulic oil
  • Heat-treated saddle for secure grip


  • A little expensive
  • May not work for small vehicles

Factors to consider when buying a bottle jack for RVs

When it comes to buying the best bottle jack for RV purposes, there are several factors you should consider:

RV weight: You must know the maximum weight of your RV so you can choose a jack that can bear it. Doing this will help you prevent accidents and injuries.

Jack Weight and lift capacity: The lighter the jack’s weight, the better. It would help if you bought jacks that will take up as little space as possible. Also, settle for jacks that have a large lift capacity. This jack helps you create enough space to make repairs on your RV.

Price: When it comes to quality, sometimes you’ll have to pay some extra cash. Please do not settle for unbelievably cheap bottle jacks since they may not be durable enough.

Best Bottle Jack For RV

Best Bottle Jack For RV FAQs

What bottle jack size is good for me?

It would help if you used a jack with the capacity to withstand the weight of the standard vehicles that you use. A 2-ton jack will handle most SUVs and similar small cars, and a 3-ton jack will drive trucks and large vehicles.

How much weight can a bottle jack handle?

Bottle jacks are not overly expensive, and they can bear significant weight depending on the specific design. Bottle Jack can sometimes carry up to 50 tons.

Is a bottle jack ideal for RVs?

For their small size, bottle jacks can lift a lot of weight. Large truck owners can use bottle jacks to change tires or carry out other maintenance activities. They are ideal for high elevation areas where other jacks may not work.


In conclusion, this article highlights three of the best bottle jack for RV on the market right now. The jacks in this review come from reputable brands known for quality and durability. You can pick any of the jacks reviewed above, and rest assured that you’ll not have to worry if your RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

However, if you choose to buy other products, ensure that you follow our buying guide above. It will help you buy the right bottle jack for your RV. Make sure to view our other guides if you are an Rv’er, like our guide to the best LED replacement bulbs for RV and all of our other shopping guides to help you on your RV journey.