Best Bike Racks for Pop Up Camper – 5 Top Choices

Both veterans and newcomers appreciate the convenience that comes with pop up campers. But while traveling light is great, some items, such as bicycles, are difficult to pack in a compact space. This is why bike racks are such a valuable tool when it comes to packing. The best racks are not only safe, but they’re also designed to be stored in a small space.

There are various types of bike racks, and some work better with certain setups than others. Most bike racks use your vehicle’s roof racks, bumper, or even the camper itself. They’re all designed to make the most of your available space, although some are better suited to a pickup truck than others.

It may appear daunting at first, but making a decision is quite straightforward. Simply assess what you already have and then look for something that goes well with it. The best bike racks for pop up campers are adaptable and can be used with a variety of layouts. However, your choice will be different if you have an RV. You can view our best rv and camper bike racks here.

Top 5 Bike Racks for Pop Up Camper

Besides being compact and versatile, a good bike rack should not be difficult to assemble. The best bicycle racks make it simple and secure to attach and remove bikes.

1. Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Swagman is a well-known brand of hiking and camping gear. The XTC2 bike rack is multifunctional, can accommodate up to two bikes, and barely weighs anything. These features make it a secure bumper-mounted bike rack.

The instructions for assembling this bike rack are simple to follow, and you can have it up and running in minutes. You can quickly fold and unfold it to keep it out of the way when not in use. Once you’ve set it up, the rest is as simple as putting your bikes on the racks and wiring them up, and you’re ready for the road.

The rack can support bikes with tires up to 29 inches in diameter and a maximum of 35 pounds per bike. Despite their 5.45-ounce weight, you can easily carry up to two bikes.


The versatile design allows for easy storage

Easy to set up and assemble

Allows you to fold it when not in use

Super lightweight with a large capacity

Transports up to two bikes with ease

Features a durable design


Some users have expressed difficulty removing the safety pin

2. Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks

Allen Sports is a well-known American hiking equipment brand. They’ve been around for over fifty years, and many of their customers vouch for their performance. Sometimes you might need space for more than two bikes. Fortunately, Allen Sports has a bike rack with a capacity for five bikes.

If you’re traveling with a large group of friends or family, you’re probably holding a lot of equipment. With so much luggage, space is difficult to manage. With the help of this bike rack, you can safely transport up to five bikes and save plenty of space. Furthermore, the design keeps them at a comfortable distance from each other, keeping them from scratching each other.

The rack holds the bikes on a twenty-eight-inch-long arm, but the best part is that it stays out of the way! When not in use, the arm will fold itself to take up less space and to let you open the vault on the back, you can tilt forward to make space for the door.


Space to comfortably carry up to five bikes

Versatile folding

Quick and easy to set up

Several models available

Secure and sturdy with durable steel


This bike rack requires you to have a two-inch trailer hitch to install

3. YAKIMA Highroad Wheel-on Mount Upright Bike Rack

YAKIMA is a company with over 30 years of history with outdoor products. The Highroad Upright bike rack is a roof-mounted product, offering a stable surface to transport your bike. Many people forget about the roof racks on the roof of their cars, but they can come in handy!

As most roof racks have a universal standard, you shouldn’t have much issue with this bike rack. To install it, the roof rack’s crossbar is 18 to 35 inches wide; it’s compatible with T-Slots but requires a separate tool for Smart T-Slots.

You can virtually fit a bike of any size on this rack, as long as the wheels are between twenty-six to twenty-nine inches, or twenty-three millimeters and four inches. In addition, the rack does not come in contact with the bike’s frame, so there’s no risk of scratching the paint!


Easy to use and set up

Compatible with most types of roof racks

Secure grip, easy to adjust

Little to no risk of scratches

Wide range of accessory compatibility


Can only hold one bike

Additional accessories required depending on roof rack type

4. MAXXHAUL 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack

MAXXHAUL specializes in towing products for vehicles, so their products lean towards “heavy-duty.” Their two-bike platform rack depicts the kind of products they make! Its total load capacity is eighty pounds, forty per bike; it can fit bikes with wheels anywhere from twenty to twenty-six inches.

Besides having a sturdy build, the rack features rubber straps for additional stability. In addition to straps, it uses hooks to hold the bike in place; however, you don’t need to worry about scratches, as the hooks have foam padding to protect the frames.

Despite its sturdy build, the rack isn’t difficult to assemble or disassemble. Furthermore, setting up the vehicle and mounting your bikes is a breeze. If you’d like to improve its performance further, it’s compatible with most accessories.


Sturdy and resistant build

High performance, can handle high weights

Secure grip and protects against scratches

Compatible with most accessories


Heavier than other options (33 pounds)

Bumper mounted but mostly for SUV vehicles

5. Swagman UPRIGHT Roof Mount Bike Rack

Another great product from Swagman, an alternative for roof racks. Unlike the first product on this list, this roof bike rack features a minimalistic design. It uses plastic and steel as its components, giving it a lightweight of 5 pounds. Thanks to its lightweight, it’s easy to handle and assemble.

You can set it up within minutes on round and oval bars up to 3 inches wide. However, despite being lightweight, this bike rack can carry bicycles weighing up to thirty-five pounds. Finally, this bike rack features the most affordable price on this list.


Incredibly lightweight

Affordable pricing

It has a versatile build that fits on most roof racks

Easy to assemble and set up

Does not let go of performance


The straps could do better

Plastic jaws for wheels are somewhat flimsy

Buying Guide – Bike Racks For Pop Up Campers


You should make sure that your bike rack is durable and reliable. This is important to check because the rack will take the entire weight of your bike, so the durable mechanism should be able to carry your bike securely.


The convenience of a bike rack is an essential thing to check. You should be able to place and remove your bike from the rack easily. Moreover, the height of your bike shouldn’t be a problem for your rack.

Weight Load

It goes without saying that the best bike rack should withstand the weight of your bike. Moreover, the material of your bike rack should be lightweight but strong. This will also go easy on the wind drag.

bike racks for pop up camper


Q. Is driving with a bike rack illegal?

Every state has its laws, so we suggest you check with your state’s laws first. However, you will only get in trouble if your rack is concealing your license plate. Moreover, make sure your rack is tightly bound to your vehicle, so it doesn’t fall off and create legal problems for you.

Q. Can I put a spare bike tire on my camper?

Yes, we suggest you do that. This will save you in case of tire breakdown emergencies.

In Conclusion — Bring Your Bike with You Anywhere

Just because you’re Pop-Up camping doesn’t mean you can’t bring your bike along. Using the right bike rack, you might even forget it’s there at all! After all, Pop Up camping is all about making the most of the space available; you don’t need to sacrifice comfort either.

Investing in the best bike racks for pop up camper will stay out of your way while loading up or unpacking. Rather than traveling light and tight, you should travel smart and bring your bike along on your next camping adventure with a bike rack.