How To Hide A Well Cover In Your Yard (7 Ingenious Ideas)

Any homeowner appreciates owning a water well on their property. You get plenty of water for daily use and even to irrigate your lawn. Win-win, right? Not quite, because sometimes the concealment sticks out like a sore thumb. So, find out how to hide a well cover in your yard to ensure a perfect landscape.

Just like utility lines, well covers are an essential feature that protects your water reservoir from contaminants. The cover also reduces the chances of your pet falling into the utility hole. Fortunately, there are a handful of methods you can consider to block out that unattractive obstacle.

Creative Ways For How To Hide A Well Cover In Your Yard

Like all DIY projects, you can exercise your creative flair when concealing a well cover. It is hardly a costly project, and you can play around with some of the methods we’ve outlined.

Use Plants Around The Well Cover

The best way to hide a well cover on your property is to use camouflage. You don’t have to use tactical covers, but rather some natural features. Plants do a splendid job of hiding even the ugliest structures. Think about how well your lawn grass covers your yard, and you’ll understand the power of organic solutions.

For this purpose, you can consider different types of plants. For example, most grasses grow several feet high. Once established, you won’t see the cover unless you’re standing on top of it.

Also, flowers add a decorative flair to your well cover. Still, be sure to leave a buffer around the well cap. This space should allow you to perform any routine management on the surface. You should also leave room to draw water from the well.

Paint The Well Cover

Paint is one of the easiest ways to hide just about anything. Outdoor enthusiasts routinely venture into the woods with camo-painted gear to avoid animal encounters.

To hide your well cover, use paints that match the surrounding landscape. For example, various shades of green go well with most yards because they mirror the surrounding plant cover. Moreover, remember to match the type of paint with your cover material. You may be able to find metal-specific dyes as well as concrete shades.

Other than that, keep in mind that the well cover conceals your home’s water source. Therefore, avoid using too much paint that could seep into your well water.

Consider Potted Plants

If you aren’t too keen on getting your hands dirty by planting around the utility hole cover, there’s always a quick fix — consider potted plants!

Pot plants are already developed and usually stretch a couple of feet above the ground. So you can simply shift the position of your pot to adjust the view. And unlike planted vegetation, you can place a potted plant directly on the well cover.

Use Large Garden Structures To Conceal The Feature

A well cover won’t be an eyesore if you cannot see it. Garden structures are more prominent than most living covers. These features are functional, so you can enjoy the views and easily forget about the well’s lid.

Most outdoor structures can shift about as you see fit. If you’ve got kids, you can easily place their trampoline on the well cover. On the other hand, a wishing well is a cheeky addition on top of the utility hole cover.

Rearrange Your Garden

how to hide a well cover in your yard

Sometimes you don’t need to buy decorations to hide a well cover. By reorganizing your garden, you can easily spread out its focal points. Restructuring your garden will draw focus away from standout objects, and your guests will concentrate on enjoying the scenery.

One standout object is a bench or a pair of garden seats. These are bigger than any well cover. If you’ve got a stunning flower garden, no one will notice the bland well cover nearby.

Beautify Your Lawn With Rock Decorations

Landowners often overlook rock decorations. Landscape artists, however, employ these creative solutions purely for aesthetic reasons or as a means of hiding unnatural features like a well cover.

It is pretty easy to set up creative rock patterns on your lawn. For example, you can place a concrete birdbath or fountain on the cover. Also, several faux decorations perfectly suit well covers. What’s more, the lid acts as a solid base for decorative features.

Fence The Well Cover

A solid fencing solution works wonders for your property. For a well cover, you won’t need an imposing structure. Instead, simply build a picket fence around the obstacle to conceal it.

For an organic feel, you can also plant some vines around the fence. With time, these plants will develop extensive stems that readily cover the well cover.

Things To Do Before Concealing Your Yard’s Well Cover

Once you know how to hide a well cover in your yard, you must consider the water inside the well. Keep in mind that the reservoir holds a large amount of usable water that will benefit your household for the foreseeable future.

No Trees Beside The Cover

Trees are imposing plants. Since they defy gravity, tree roots will burrow deep into the ground to anchor the massive organism. Therefore, do not plant trees next to a well cover.

Tree roots are much stronger than people like to think. They are also relentless in their pursuit of water and nutrients. The well and its cover will quickly disintegrate once tree roots breach the concrete walls.

Do Not Bury

Throwing a heap of dirt is a straightforward solution when hiding a well cover. But as you excavate the nearby soil, you’ll expose the groundwater near the well to contaminants, and pesticides and herbicides will seep into the ground. You don’t have to hide the cover if you compromise the water quality available for your household.

Exercise Caution While Working Around The Well Cover

If you want to plant around the well cover, you’ll need a bunch of digging equipment. But remember to dig carefully around the well’s exterior. You don’t have to go deep into the soil since most grasses need a light soil cover.

While working around the well cover, avoid damaging the concealment, as it is quite expensive to repair. Also, watch out for spillovers when painting around the well to prevent compromising your water quality.

Make It Easy To Locate The Well Cover

You don’t have to obliterate the well cover from sight completely. After all, you’ll need to water the plants from this reservoir. When hiding the concealment, put some markers to easily locate the utility hole if you want to carry out routine maintenance.

Final Thoughts — How To Hide A Well Cover In Your Yard?

A well cover is an essential piece of equipment on any property. It protects members of your household from accidental falls into the reservoir. Also, your water remains fresh as dirt and other debris fall on the cover instead of going into your water.

Nevertheless, a utility hole cover stands out among the organic objects on your property. If you want a pristine lawn, you’re better off attempting some of the methods for how to hide a well cover in your yard.

Always consider the safety of your drinking water while concealing a well cover. Also, be cautious, especially if you are using power tools around your well. You are effectively exposing this utility to physical damage that later compromises its structure.