How Does A Lawn Mower Hour Meter Work? Here’s What You Didn’t Know.

Hour meters are something all riding lawn mowers have. Most individuals who own one, however, are curious about how does a lawn mower hour meter work.

Like most metering systems, a lawnmower hour meter keeps track of how long a machine is running. These records are essential for determining when a lawnmower needs an oil change or other routine maintenance.

We went over some of the key points that every homeowner should know when it comes to hour meters and how to best use these nifty gadgets.

How Does A Lawnmower Hour Meter Work?

A lawn mower hour meter essentially keeps track of how much time the lawnmower has been in use. A car records how many miles it has been driven…a lawnmower records how many hours it has been in use. It will only records the hours that the engine has been in use. Once you start the engine, the timer starts recording.

A lawn mower hour meter only records the amount of time the engine is in use.

What Is An Hour Meter?

An hour meter is a popular measurement device seen on motorized machinery. For example, you may find an hour meter on a lawnmower, a boat, a dirt bike, and even an airplane engine.

The gauge keeps track of how long it has been since you started the engine. The device shows the amount of time that has passed in hours or tenths of an hour.

How Does A Lawn Mower Hour Meter Work

What Is An Engine Hour Meter?

Regular maintenance is essential in most engines if you want them to run for a long time. Engine maintenance procedures are usually performed after the motor has been running for a particular amount of time. This is tracked via the engine hour meter.

An engine hour is the amount of time your engine has been active since you purchased it.

An Hour Meter On A Lawnmower

A hour meter on your lawnmower will record how much time you spend using the machine. Since it records how much time the motor is in use, the device accurately identifies when the mower is due for service.

Main Function Of A Lawnmower Hour Meter

The primary function of the lawnmower hour meter is a sort of gauge. The device tracks and records how much time your mower’s motor has been operating. You can quickly tell how often you’ve used your lawnmower by looking at the logs. You may also assess your mowing costs if it’s a piece of rental equipment.

A lawnmower hour meter is a foolproof gadget because it can only become active after the engine is started. The meter is powered by electricity. For the most part, you’ll attach it to your sparkplug cables so that the counter will also turn on when you power on the lawnmower.

Purpose Of A Lawn Mower Hour Meter

●       Keep Up With The Maintenance Schedule

An hour meter lets you keep track of your lawnmower usage. By looking at the meter logs, you’ll know how much time has elapsed since the last service session. Also, you should know how many more mowing sessions you need before changing the mower’s oil.

It’s not only about the engine’s components. In fact, your lawn mower needs sharp blades to cut grass effectively. Unfortunately, these edges often wear out over time. An hour meter lets you know how many hours your mower blades have been grinding away.

●       It Helps You Know How Long An Engine Should Run For

Once connected to your lawnmower, an hour meter allows you to gauge how much time you need to run your mower. After all, you wouldn’t want to overwork your lawnmower and strain the machine.

Find out how many RPMs your mower uses while cutting grass. So if your machine runs at 3600rpm, you’ll need half an hour’s worth of work to complete one engine hour. You can vary these figures with different mower models.

●       Maintains A Suitable Resale Value

If you intend to sell your lawnmower after some time, you will need an hour meter to accompany the sale. A lawnmower hour meter logs all the operational data, which is crucial for potential buyers.

Even when you are buying a used car, its mileage is a crucial factor. Similarly, the hour meter provides the ‘mileage’ for your mower. Thus, you can back up your usage habits with raw data. Moreover, any mower without an hour meter depreciates faster.

●       For Renting Purposes

If you don’t own a lawnmower, you can easily rent one from your local dealer or online. One factor determining how much you’re going to pay for the service is how long you use it.

A lawnmower hour meter captures this data, and the owner uses the logged hours to calculate your charges. Conversely, you can rent out your lawnmower and use the meter to determine the rental cost.

The Takeaway

A lawnmower hour meter is a small gadget. Most people ignore tiny devices, but you shouldn’t. The meter is vital for anyone looking to keep their lawnmower in perfect condition. As a result, you can quickly determine how much time your machine has been working and plan your service intervals.

You can buy an analog or digital hour meter. The latter is best suited to beginners because of the easy-to-read measurement. Aside from that, also consider the build quality and size. Lawnmowers often expose the gadgets to heat, debris, and sometimes violent vibrations. Keep that in mind when buying your next lawnmower hour meter.