Can I Bring a Hiking Pole On an Airplane?

Are you preparing to travel somewhere in order to discover new beautiful places and camping destinations but you are not sure about packing your camping and hiking gear for flying? Many travelers want to know about the TSA rules and regulations and whether they are allowed to bring their hiking poles on an airplane. Do not worry – you will find all the information you need in this article: 

Can You Bring Trekking Poles On an Airplane?

The short answer is “no” and here is why: 

TSA Rules On Hiking Poles

According to the TSA rules and regulations, you are not allowed to bring trekking poles in your carry-on luggage. The TSA in the US has explicitly stated this in their posted regulations and rules for the carry-on luggage. However, you are allowed to transport the poles in your checked luggage. 

The only exception when you are allowed to bring your hiking poles on an airplane is when you use them for general mobility on a daily basis as a walking stick. However, in this case, you need to make sure that they are collapsible and fit into an overhead bin. If your poles are for recreational use, you can not bring them on an airplane in your carry-on baggage. 

If you ask 1,000 travelers with trekking poles, you will probably find some who were able to get through the security checkpoint with their hiking sticks in their carry-on bags. However, the decision to allow or deny certain personal items at a TSA checkpoint lies on TSA officers. You may get lucky and be allowed to bring your poles on an airplane. However, if not, you have your trekking poles confiscated. 

As for international flying, most airports around the world follow similar security standards, especially if they fly to such countries, as the United States, Canada, or the countries of the European Union. However, there might be certain domestic airports in certain countries that have more relaxed rules and may allow you to bring your sticks on a plane. You can always do some Google search and see what you can find about security rules and requirements in your destination. 

Can You Carry on Telescopic Hiking Poles on an Airplane?

Unfortunately, no. Even if you have telescopic trekking poles, you are still not allowed to bring them on a plane in your carry-on bag. Again, you may be allowed to bring them only if you use them for general mobility. 

How to Pack Your Trekking Poles for a Flight?

Now when you know that you are generally not allowed to bring your hiking poles on a plane, it is time to talk about how you should pack them in your checked baggage for your flight. Although hiking sticks are created to bear the weight of an adult person while on a hiking trail, they are easy to bend. Therefore, it is very important to pack them properly in order not to damage them. Here are a few tips on packing your poles properly: 

  • Try to line up your poles along the long edge of your suitcase or duffle bag and make sure that both points face one way. This way, the chances that the poles will break in transit are minimal.
  • If you are afraid that the points of your hiking sticks will damage your other belongings, you can use thick woolen socks to wrap the points. It will create additional protection. 
  • Once your hiking points are lined up properly, make sure you pad them with some soft stuff. For example, you can use a puffy or down jacket for this purpose. 

Alternatives To Packing Your Hiking Sticks

If you are still worried about packing your trekking poles, and you are afraid that they will be damaged, there are some other alternatives. One of them is renting a pair of poles from a local outdoor equipment shop. It is a great option because you do not have to think about how to transport your poles, and it may be even cheaper to rent them than to pay for a checked bag. 

Best Trekking Poles For Airline Travel

Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles

These trekking sticks are a great combination of durable aluminum construction and soft-wrist straps that have moisture-wicking EVA foam handles. These sturdy and stylish poles are perfect for both short and long hikes. Whether you decided to hike for a few hours or for a week, they help your balance and increase endurance. It features an innovative flip lock technology (the only on the market) and a metal stopper secure locking system. It is sold in pairs with a holder bag. It also includes the whole set of accessories for different terrains. Whether you are an entry-lever hiker or an experienced outdoor enthusiast who is planning a cross-country hike, these poles will serve you well. 


  • They were created by hikers and for hikers
  • Attractive design
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Greatly adjustable height
  • Very light – lighter than an average umbrella
  • Fits everyone – men, women, and children
  • Affordable


  • Some users do not like the hands straps
  • Tips can be a bit flimsy for some users preferences

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech is the brand that was established with the belief that exploration is for everyone. Therefore, the poles of this brand are a perfect choice for every outdoor enthusiast – for a hiker, camper, backpacker, and walker. They can be used for hiking down a trail, uphill, and downhill, in any season and any terrain. They are able to improve your endurance in order to reach new heights. Since they are made from carbon fiber they are extremely light. Moreover, their quick locking mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height, so anyone can use them. You should definitely purchase these hiking sticks if you are an entry-lever hiker and need poles to lighten your road. The mission of these poles is to make your time spend outdoors enjoyable, valuable, comfortable, and accessible for everyone. 


  • High quality strong value – built with highly durable aluminum 
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Quick lock and extendable. The lock is easy to use and it holds the pole well at the desired height. 
  • Supreme comfort provided by adjustable wrist straps and tungsten carbide tips
  • Bonus tip kit that includes such additional and useful items as a trekking pole clip, rubber boot tips, snow baskets, and sand and mud baskets. 
  • One-year manufacturers defect warranty, meaning that you can replace any parts within one year
  • Great fit for everyone – for men, women, and kids. 


  • You cannot pack it small without disassembling
  • Quick lock mechanism can make packing and unpacking more complicated 

Best Hiking Pole Travel Bags

American Nordic Walking System Padded Travel Bag

This high-quality travel bag will protect your trekking poles when you travel. It is padded just like a professional ski bag by ensuring that your hiking poles will efficiently and safely pass through the baggage handling system in the airport. You can be certain that your poles will not get broken during transportation. The bag is big enough for the trekking poles up to 135 cm in length. When using this bag, you will realize that traveling with your trekking sticks has never been easier and more enjoyable. 


  • Equipped with a convenient shoulder strap
  • Big enough for two pairs of poles


  • A little bit bulky

COSMOS Portable Carrying Bag

It is a great high-quality storage bag for your hiking poles. It is suitable for most retractable hiking and trekking sticks. It is made of nylon – a very durable and strong material. The bag features a drawstring closure that provides easier access, a mesh pocket for storing different accessories, and an adjustable shoulder strap. 


  • It is very durable
  • Lightweight


  • Not as much padding as some