Best Weed Killer for Bermuda Grass – 5 Best Options

Getting rid of weeds that appear out of nowhere is one of the most aggravating aspects of owning a lawn. That is why you need to use the best weed killer for Bermuda grass to maintain a fresh and healthy lawn.

Choosing a weed killer for a Bermuda lawn can be challenging since the grass is more sensitive and thus prone to damage. This is due to the susceptibility of Bermuda grass to strong chemicals. When used in excess, a low-quality weed killer may do more harm than good to your grass. To make it worse, the risk is significantly higher during the summer months. For example, the best weed killer for driveways will not be the best for bermuda grass.

While there are a variety of weed killers available, not all of them are suitable for Bermuda grass. So, here are five products you should have in your inventory all year to keep your grass healthy, vibrant, and gorgeous.

Top 5 Best Weed Killer for Bermuda Grass

1. The Andersons Barricade Professional-Grade Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control

The best technique to control weed growth is to use a pre-emergent. It will help you eliminate weeds before they even have a chance to grow. So if you apply a pre-emergent quarterly, it will stunt weed growth, keeping your lawn clean and clear. Take control of the Barricade, and read on to learn how these Bermuda grass-friendly weed killers prevent damage to your lawn.


It contains 0.48% prodiamine, which inhibits the growth of more than 30 types of weeds

The DG technology formula will go beyond the surface and penetrate deep into the root system

It is the best pre-emergent to apply in early spring and fall

Stop the growth of all-season weeds on your Bermuda grass without causing any damage

You can use it on a large-sized lawn (1.8-7.2 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.)


Trusted and used by professional lawn care companies

Quick spread


0% nitrogen


It won’t kill existing weeds, but it’ll prevent new weeds from growing

Complex usage instructions

2. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns

The next product on our list is also a pre-emergent weed killer. It prevents weeds from growing by sterilizing the seeds. It will also kill crabgrass weeds that have already developed in your lawn. This weed killer has a two-pronged attack on those pesky weeds, yet it’s entirely safe for your lawn.


Powerful formula that will terminate 200+ types of weeds, including undesirable lawn pests

A 10.8-pound bag that can treat around 3,000 sq. ft. of Bermuda grass

A long-lasting effect that keeps your lawn protected for up to five months

Active season pre-emergent that will kill Bermuda grass-specific weeds with a 99% success rate



Easy to apply

Long-lasting effects



3. Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer

The SpeedZone weed killer contains four active compounds that kill weeds efficiently without harming your Bermuda grass. It can kill up to 75 different species, from creeping Charlie, dandelions, to clover. Furthermore, it’s a fast-working weed killer that shows results within days of usage. It’s the best weed killer for Bermuda grass, especially when you’re treating limited spots.


It gives quick results that are visible within days or hours

The 20 ounces bottle can cover up to 14,000-18,000 sq. ft.

It kills the most common Bermuda grass weeds quickly, efficiently, and without damage

It works the best during winter when the Bermuda grass is dormant


Best for large-sized lawn yards

Works well with other herbicides


It isn’t available in some states

4. Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D WEED KILLER

The 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer targets broadleaf weeds. You can mix it with water (two ounces per 1 gallon of water) and use a spray can to disperse it on the infected lawn.

The Amine weed killer will also kill other types of weeds and leave your turf shining clean. Depending on the level of infection, it may take up to two weeks to get rid of weeds completely. For best results, apply in hot weather while the weed is growing.


An industry-level weed killer that you might need a license to purchase in the future

It’ll kill the toughest weeds, including poison ivy that has a deep root network

It works best on tough spots of weed in lawns, parks, and cemeteries

It won’t kill grass, flowers, or fruits


Clear quantity usage instructions

A powerful formula that will last for a few seasons


You may want to add soap to make it stick to the leaves

5. Ortho Nutsedge Killer

Whether you spray regularly once a week, twice a week, even three times a week, you can have that feeling every single day. All you need is to spray Ortho Nutsedge Killer, the instant weed killer.

Ortho Nutsedge Killer is a funny little white mist that you spray into your Bermuda grass. Wherever the weeds grow, you can take it down with a quick squirt. You’ll remove the weeds that grow out of nowhere. Just a little Ortho Nutsedge Killer keeps your lawn weed-free and healthy. And that’s just too good a feeling to miss every day.


It’ll kill more than 50 types of the most stubborn weeds, including Kyllinga, yellow and purple Nutsedge

It’s especially effective against weeds that grow in the Northern and Southern parts of the US

It can be rainproof within two hours of applying

It’s ready to use without mixing or diluting with other substances


Will target specific weeds

It comes in a ready-to-use spray can


May harm flowers and vegetables (see the label)

Bermuda Grass Owner’s Lawn Care Calendar

Turf care companies will have you pay a small fortune to spray your yard. But armed with this knowledge, not only can you do it yourself, but you can do it better than the lawn company ever will. Follow the seasons, and you can never go wrong.

December – January – February

During the winter, the Bermuda grass will be in hibernation. So, you may use the best weed killer for Bermuda grass you can find. This is because it’ll have little to no effect on the dormant Bermuda grass, but it’ll kill the weeds. You don’t have to do anything else at that time.

March – April

During spring, you should be on high alert. It’s time Bermuda grass starts to wake up from the winter slumber. It’s the best time to scalp, dethatch, and fertilize.

May – June

Bermuda grows to its peak during this time of year. So, it’ll be a feast for aggressive pests and fungus. Be ruthless in applying insecticide and fungicides during this period. You may also want to mow regularly.

July – August

Relax and enjoy your Bermuda glass. Maybe do some low-maintenance work like watering. Make sure to read our guide on how long to water your lawn with oscillating sprinkler.


Prepare your Bermuda grass for its winter hibernation. Focus on feeding it with nutrients and pre-emergent, and feel free to let it grow a little taller. Also, you may want to read up on when to stop mowing lawn in fall.

October – November

There’s nothing to do now except wait for your Bermuda grass to go to sleep.

In general, winter is the best time to spray pre-emergent to kill weeds. That’s it. In spring and summer, you can go and have fun mowing, fertilizing, and watering.


best weed killer for Bermuda grass

Q: Do I Have to Spray Weed Killer All Over My Yard?

Not necessarily. You can treat the affected parts only.

Q: How to Identify the Weed Affecting My Bermuda Grass?

You can search for weeds by name, appearance, or region on

Q: I Don’t Have a Weed Problem, But I Got a Fungus Problem. What Do I Do?

Fungus is a common Bermuda grass problem. If you have a slope in your yard that collects rainwater, it’s more likely you’ll get fungus growth. But you can try something like the Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide to get rid of Bermuda grass fungus.


If your neighbors have a lot of weeds, it can infect your yard because the pollen travels by air. So, you should avoid getting weeds before they even grow by using a pre-emergent regularly.

By the way, use post-emergent weed killers mindfully. Try not to spray weed killer on your entire yard. Only apply it to the infected areas. If it’s crabgrass, apply weed killers that remove crabgrass. If it’s broadleaf weeds, use a broadleaf herbicide.

Take good care of your yard, use the best weed killer for bermuda grass , and you’ll enjoy that golf course’s look all year long. May your vivid lawn get your neighbors curious, guests impressed, and keep the weeds away.